Plagiarism Japan?

Same song. Same clothes. Same dance. Same look-&-feel video. SAME JAPAN.

Daiwa Home’s new TV commercial featuring the “Daiwa Boys” completely plagiarizes the music video of The Dead South’s for “In Hell I’ll Be in Good Company.”

Let’s パクリ/ripoff happy!!~

Kool Kumamon

Ever the forward-thinking Japanese mascot, kool Kumanon stakes out the best cherry tree for his hanami party…

Of course, the cherry blossoms for the hanami season don’t come out until April.

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Ninja Newman

Important reminder that, being dead, Paul Newman does not personally approve the graphic design choices for his salad dressing bottles. @jesticide January 17, 2018

newmans own crap

Actually, Ninja Newman really does approve the graphic design choices for his salad dressing bottles.

In case you were wondering what the big deal is, Newman’s “ninja” outfit and hachimaki/headband have Chinese dragons embroidered and his back-worn, dual katana/swords are all sorts of tacky. Basically, the label is an embarrassment at best and to many (but not me) cultural misappropriation.

via Ninja Newman –, reincarnated.




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Today is December 7th…

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WOOPIE SH1T! It’s Toilet Day

The Japan Toilet Association celebrates an unofficial Toilet Day on November 10, because in Japan the numbers 11/10 (for the month and the day) can be read as ii-to(ire), which also means “Good Toilet”.

Goji-chan’s b-day!


Godzilla doesn’t have a real birthday, but the original film was released on November 3, 1954, so fans like to think of today, the third, as his 63rd birthday.


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Halloween Fun 2017

It’s a Sewer of a Day!

Miss Sewerage…

…is ready for Japan’s Sewerage Day (Sept. 10).


Yep, Sewerage Day (下水道の日) even has a crap character mascot, “SuiSui” (スイスイ) kun“SuiSui” means “Smoothly.” Check out the many other sewer mascots of Japan at

The boom after the BIG BOOM

Google Image Search this again for a better date and details about the photo

Taken in 1949, the photo below shows a lively Yokohama street targeting US servicemen with an Atomic Bomb Variety Show and a Japan Surender [sic] Bar. This exhibits the signs of the start of an economic boom after the BIG BOOM in Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.