Burgerless Christmas

Today is December 25 and it’s just a regular workday in Japan. I spent the entire morning at a government office in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district Waiting-for-Godot and wistfully staring out the window at a Big Boy Restaurant for my Christmas lunch.
All I could dream of was to bite into a big, Big Boy Burger, but…

big boy japan vs usa


Did you spot the difference?
The Japanese Big Boy isn’t holding a burger—Big Boy is burgerless in Japan.

Big Boy Japan doesn’t serve hamburgers. It serves “Hambagu” ハンバーグ (hamburger “steak”), which is paltry slice of meatloaf on a plate covered blackish brown gravy with a raw egg on top and served with asbestos-tainted* rice on the side, grrr.
Big Boy Japan owns and operates 281 Big Boy Hamburger Steak & Grill Restaurants throughout Japan. Founded in 1977 by Zensho Holdings Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary, “Big Boy Japan” is just a lamely licensed name that has nothing to do with burgers. The Japanese Big Boy Restaurants do not offer the Big Boy hamburger or any other American Big Boy menu items and instead offer a “distinct” menu

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Japanese Seasons Greetings at 120 decibels!

Japanese, right-wing, neo-nazi soundtrucks are driving by blasting at 120 decibels said-openSeasons Greetingssaid-closed of warmth and joy wishing all foreigners to enjoy the Holidays at home (leave Japan).


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Today is Japanese pre-Christmas

Today is Japanese pre-Christmas. December 23 is Japanese national holiday of the birthday of the current Emperor called Tenno Tanjobi {Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 10.34.25 AM} (Wiki).


Emperor Akihito prepares to greet the flag-waving crowd at the Imperial Palace on his birthday. (Wiki).
Japanemperorbirthday “Japanemperorbirthday” by Philbert Ono – Originally uploaded by en:User:Photojpn.org. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Black Japanese Christmas Cake from the darkest Sump of…


Eat the penguin mascot of the Suica Card (see left) of Japanese subways and rails—A black Christmas Cake from the darkest Sump of Hades.


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In Japan, Santa tries to…

quotingLEFTy_12x15In Japan, Santa tries to…

…EAT children.quotingRIGHty_12x15

Photo by hikosaemon.

The above Japanese “Santa” is actually a Namahage–New Years’ ogre on display at Tokyo Station’s Marunouchi Central Exit during the end of December as a tourism promotion for Akita Prefecture.
In New Year’s rituals, a few of the men of traditional Akita villages dress up as Namahage (生剥) demons by wearing oversized ogre masks and straw capes. Going door-to-door, the Namahage admonish children who may be guilty of laziness or bad behavior, yelling phrases like “Are there any crybabies around?” (泣く子はいねがぁ nakugo wa inēgā?) or “Are naughty kids around?” (悪い子はいねえか waruigo wa inēka?) and threaten to eat very bad kids.
Reference: wikipedia.org/wiki/Namahage.