Vote for “GOT OTER UKI”!

“GOT OTER UKI’ aka Goto Teruki is obviously the best candidate running for the upcoming elections in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. W0oT~!


This year’s poster where he writes his name Goto Teruki in proper Japanese characters “goto-teruki-big” across his privates is actually a big improvement over the romanization of his name “GOT OTER UKI” on Goto Teruki’s 2013 campaign poster.

Check out Goto’s official website (in Japanese).
Information in English about his previous campaign platform at:

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Japan stinks


As if Burger King Japan’s Whooper Whopper™ hamburger scent perfume was not weird enough.


syntho-perfumeThe Nose Knows: New perfumes offer broad range of scents, including…snow and dirt
Times Free Press | 2015/apr/19
the strangest comes from Japan-based Comme des Garcons Series 6: Synthetic, which gives users the chance to dab the odor of a Wild West oil boomtown behind ear lobes…the base notes include “town gas,” “grilled” cigarettes, bitumen (tar), bergamot (citrus), opoponax (balsamic, honey-like), styrax (vanilla-like) and pyrogenic (fire) …more…

Sometimes you have to wonder if fashion houses, especially Japanese ones, are just trolling us with perfume scented with burnt cigarettes, tar, and natural gas.

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Bread Bed & Beyond … from Japan

Speaking of tasteless “house-makings” aka kagu/家具 (furniture)…

Time To Chill On Some Bread Chairs / April 2015
…Nitori offers a line up of bread themed furniture which has become a popular series. These bread chairs are reclining and can be set to 5 different angles…available on the Nitori website, for a decently cheap price of ¥3800...more


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Green dogless dog…only in Japan

left_quoter_14x24That way madness lies. A tsukemono (pickled cucumber) dog.right_quoter_13x24
tsukemono-dogMulboyne — Mulboyne (@Mulboyne) April 17, 2015

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Taco Bell Japan’s no-Access Rap

The new Tokyo Taco Bell is the first in world to have stairs to prevent those pesky handicapped people from entering. (See 1:28 in the video.)

Click to play video.

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tako-in-japanese Note:
Besides Taco Bell Japan’s new no-handicapped-access store, the “lame” joke is that the word tako (タコ) in Japanese means octopus and fittingly can be slang for a “stupid person.”

‘Hello, I want to suck your soul.’

Hokazono-Masayleft_quoter_14x24Hello, I’m Aiko Chihara and I want to suck your soul.right_quoter_13x24

Robotic Customer Service? In This Japanese Store, That’s the Point
Wall Street Journal / JRT blog / April 16, 2015
Toshiba Corp. will debut its humanoid robot at the information desk of an upscale department store in Tokyoto provide audio guidance to customersThe robot’s appearance wasn’t modeled on any specific person but was designed to give a friendly impression at the Mitsukoshi department store in Nihonbashi, on Monday and Tuesday…more..

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Keio Uni. researchers want you to grow an artificial tail

Researchers from the Keio Institute of Pure and Applied Sciences (KiPAS) want to stick an artificial tail on you to study how you would adapt to brain-machine interface and become a better/cuter cyborg.
Researchers use artificial tail to study how we adapt to brain-machine interfaces
Robohub | 2015-Apr-13tail-tale-textThe method used in this research is to observe, in the laboratory, a group of about ten people who have an artificial tail, which can drive a brain-machine interface, attached to their body…learn(ing) how to move the artificial tail, and …us(ing) it skillfully, like their own body, through trial and errormore...

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shippo tail


Japanese ‘primal anxieties’?

left_quoter_14x24Hideaki Kawashima summons primal anxieties of removable skin, made more relevant by the rise of virtual, second livesright_quoter_13x24
Exhibition at Ben Maltz Gallery
Kawashima_3 Exhibition at Ben Maltz Gallery, Otis College of Art and Design (Los Angeles): Dusk to Dusk: Unsettled, Unraveled, Unreal

Prior Art*?

From the 1985 film, “Brazil”, the perpetual facelift of the character Mrs. Ida Lowry played by Katherine Helmond (