Again with the ‘GOT OTER UKI’

Usually, Japanese election campaign posters such as those for upcoming Tokyo gubernatorial contest are very boring Like these.

japan election posters

Occasionally, you can see a weirdo like this
Vote for   GOT   OTER   UKI   poster.

Actually, GOT  OTER  UKI  is just a strange romanization of Goto Teruki’s name on his “creative” 2013 campaign poster. ( | 2015-04-21)

His poster for this year’s Tokyo gubernatorial race is much more serious.


Goto Teruki’s 2015 campaign poster was even more right-wing crazy and nude…

nude candidate ( | 2015-04-21)

The really crazy thing is that I support many of the ideas of his campaign platform (Google Translate)

  • Abort the 2020 Tokyo Olympics or make it ultra-low cost endeavor.
  • Cancel the Tsukiji Fish Market relocation, and review.
  • Stop the duplication and waste of Tokyo having two municipal subway systems, the Toei Subway and the Tokyo Metro, which double charge when crossing the two systems.
  • Introduce a vehicle exhaust tax to spread the use of eco-cars.
  • Rebuild Edo Castle the restore the castle tower.
  • Legalize cannabis and revive the hemp industry.
  • Etc.

July 20 is that special time — Japanese HAMBURGER DAY!

No Idol No Burger!」We are West Japan HamburgirlZ!
(details at:

Micro-Godzilla’s Big Mac attack!

Is that a miffed burger or an iffy burger?


“With Everything Burger” (“zenbu nose baagaa” or 全部のせバーガー): lettuce, cabbage, egg, a slice of cheese, a cheeseburger, a rib patty, a fried shrimp patty, a beef patty, pickles and various sauces, like ketchup, mayo, and teriyaki sauce.


Ocean Day

Today is Marine Day (海の日 Umi no Hi) national holiday to give thanks for the ocean’s bounty and to consider the importance of the ocean to Japan.

Fun at the seaside once meant bathing in sun-heated rockpools, not swimming in the sea. — Mulboyne (@Mulboyne) March 23, 2016


Japanese “explanation” — google translate
Seawater have components similar to the human body fluid, incorporating the components of seawater, of course for the health,
It is said that good for beauty. Modern, but it has been taken over only cosmetic surface of the thalassotherapy,
The smell of there is action to adjust the autonomic nervous just bathed in the waves and splash lapping at the seaside “negative ions” is rich tide have been included, such as iodine compounds, to stimulate the thyroid gland,
Given the tension and moisture to the skin, and promotes blood circulation. All is also possible to use these effects’s the thalassotherapy.
Seawater is that there are more potent than normal hot springs in recent years elucidated j beneath,
People of ancient has been using intuitively noticed this efficacy.
The word beach is old but has been used from the modern There are also described in the Kojiki,
Ancient mythology, when the Izanagi Mikoto was back from Hades, in order to pay the dirt,
It is said to be that of “purification ceremony” as seen in the legend that cleanse the body in the sea water of檍原(Ahakihara) of Tsukushi.
Detailed record of sea bathing of origin of Hiraiso is also such as the two-time conflagration does not currently is left,
According to the 35-year Meiji issue that you wrote down the word of mouth “Hiraiso beaches magazine / remarkable forest Sima Yoshihiko”
Here of sea bathing was started by tobacco cultivation of skill in the art.


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Holiday in the concrete dead zone of Japan

Tomorrow is “Ocean Day,” a Japanese national holiday (3Yen / 2015-07-20). To get you in a holiday mood, here are a few reverent thoughts of Japan’s seaside holy Concrete Tetrapods would be apropos.


A reader’s email commenting about terapods:
fishy quoter left>I think there are called dolosse.fishy quoter right

Wow. You learn something every day.
South Africa claims concrete tetrapods were invented in 1963 for use in Cape Town, and that the Afrikaans word for tetrapod is dolosse.

However according to The Japan Times, in 1950, the Laboratoire Dauphinois d’Hydraulique in Grenoble, France first made them for erosion control.
Looking around at the history of of concrete, basically, nobody invented them–they spontaneously appeared from outer space in the early 1950s around the same time as the UFO sightings, ha, ha.

To quote Alex Kerr author of “Dogs and Demons: Tales from the Dark Side of Japan” (Hill and Wang, 2001):

These projects are mostly unnecessary or worse than unnecessary. It turns out that wave action on tetrapods wears the sand away faster and causes greater erosion than would be the case if the beaches had been left alone.

Surfers and naturalists (and anybody sane) hate the tetrapods because over time they erode away all sand on beaches and destroy the beach habitat creating a concrete dead zone, arrrg.

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I really really really really like you extra moist Diane

♬~ I Really Really Really Really Like You extra Moist Diane.

moist diane story

Non-silicon playtime is squeaky—oil is sticky. It’s common sense to approach nether-hair care of the next generation. A smooth soap-job provides comfort without being too squeaky. Then, a good lube job can gently dirt the hair, oil treatment to penetrate deeply. Uniquely formulated lube without stickiness provides a slippery sleek finish-cum-happy ending.″

translated japanese by bing

extra moist diane title


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Two new Pokémon revealed in Japan…

Two New Pokemon Announced; New Japanese Trailer Airs
info-europa | July 13, 2016
A new trailer and this month’s edition of Japan’s CoroCoro magazine have revealed two more Pokémon to debut in Sun and Moon this November

The two new Pokémon revealed are:

TITTYtesties™, the unbreakable

CTHULHUmon™, the unbeatable
Two New Pokemon revealed

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Getting inked — Japanese electrophilia


KOM_I, aka Kyoko Koizumi inked herself for the August issue of the Rolling Stone Japan, which features the Japanese electronic music–cum–electrophilia* group “Wednesday Campanella” (水曜日のカンパネラ).

*Watch this music video if you think I’m joking about electrophilia.


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BEWARE OF BLOWHARD ELEPHANTS!Beware-angry-elephants-360x Full-size original at mrstsk

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