Bearing the days

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Like Kumamon, this is my pattern every four days for the six month long Tokyo death-summer, grrr.


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The Fonz and Captain Kirk do Japan

Shat and the Fonz do Japan, ri-i-i-ight.

TV Review - Hit the road with The Fonz and Captain Kirk in “Better Late Than Never” | August 22, 2016
Shat-and-the Fonz
Cast of “Better Late Than Never” (NBCUniversal)

The reality show’s first episode takes Henry Winkler (“The Water Boy,” “Happy Days”), William Shatner (“Star Trek,” “TJ Hooker”), former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw (“Fox NFL Sunday”), Boxer and grill salesman George Foreman, Jeff Dye (“Money from Strangers”) on a “wacky” adventure in Japan.
The geriatric group are advertised as, brave enough to try almost anything″ including, participating in a Japanese game show, sleeping in a hotel with rooms the size of a large refrigerator and climbing a lot of stairs.″



Punked PM

At the closing ceremony of the Rio Olympics, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, gets punked into dressing in a Super Mario clown costume.



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Bar, meet boner.

Breaking the bar on Asian stereotypes…

Japanese pole vaulter’s penis gets in his way at Olympics |NEW YORK DAILY NEWS | Monday, August 15, 2016
Well, that’s a hard way to go out.
First, Japanese pole vaulter Hiroki Ogita’s leg touched the bar; then what’s in between his legs touched it, too, knocking it loose from the 5.3 meter heightmore...

big-bonner 634x335

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WE WANT YOU (to fight Godzilla)

This supposedly is a recruitment poster for the Japan’s Self-Defense Forces who are, Looking for people who can defeat Godzilla.

godzilla sdf poster

I figured the above poster was just a Photoshop—But nope, it’s real. So, I helped Goji-chan make something more over-the-top.

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X-mas in August?

Santa brings her hot gifts in mid-August mega-heat at the massive Comiket 90’s cosplay event, which always Japan’s biggest of the year.


Sankaku Complex | 2016-Aug-14
Comiket 90, Day 2 “The Epitome of Cosplay!”




Alternative employment opportunities for Japanese mascots


JT | 2016Aug13: The Democratic Party is considering selecting its official yuru-kyara (mascot character) in September to coincide with the party’s leadership election, informed sources said. Aiming to give a boost to the main opposition party’s presidential poll, the party plans to hold a public online vote to pick the successor to Minshu-kun, the official mascot of the Democratic Party of Japanmore...


After more than seven years of faithful employment, the Democratic Party’s mascot “Minshu-kun” (民主くん) has been given abrupt notice of termination in September, However, Minshu-kun may have found alternative employment opportunities with TENGA Co., Ltd. as you can see below,

51v4MKoxFWLtenga-lowboytenga twist

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Pachiko parents: Do you like your Japanese kids…

Pachiko/pinball parents: Do you like your Japanese kids baked or broiled?

In safety push, Nissan turns camera on hot car interiors
The Japan Times | ‏2016-Aug.12
{enabling further child abuse} Nissan is seeking to prevent further tragediesthrough alert messages on its car navigation systems. The message is shown when external temperatures reach 30 degrees or higher...more...


Problem: For the past 40 years, every torrid summer in Japan (which lasts an interminable 6 months), pachiko/pinball gambling parents leave their kids in the car to play “just couple of quick games.” This results in dozens of child deaths every year (and zero prosecutions)
Solution: Just put up signs in the pachiko parking lots saying, “Parent or guardian leaving children unattended in the car will be fined 1 million yen and can be subject to criminal prosecution” would help prevent the problem. Offering a bounty for people reporting unattended kids would eliminate most of the problem (since other lowlife pachiko people always need money).

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Eat my Pokéballs!

McDonald’s Japan has been in a death spiral having to eat seven straight quarterly losses and it has been forced to close 30% of its stores in the past four years… until now.


Pokémon Go spurs sales growth for McDonald’s Japan
AdNews 2016-Aug-11
McDonald’s Japan has seen sales jump 27% in July, following its tie-up with Pokémon Go saw McDonald’s stores becomes PokéStops and PokéGyms, has led to increased store traffic and demand of children’s meals which include Pokémon toys, pushing July salesmore...


pokeman pokeball
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Yikes! Tomorrow August the 11th, is YAMJH—Yet Another Mysterious Japanese Holiday—Mountain Day

…This year marks the first occurrence of Mountain Day (Yama no Hi, 山の日) since it is a brand-new national holiday for appreciating Japan’s mountains.

The new holiday is intended to coincide with the vacation time usually given during the Bon Festival (Japan’s Halloween-cum-return-of-spirits-of-the-dead) held in mid-August.

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