Translated from the Japanese:

left_quoter_14x24 Kansai Yamamoto’s new facial mask — Kabuki makeup Pack ♡ I finally tried it! Funny face!right_quoter_13x24masked-japaneseyumi-text
mask schoolgirlEverywhere you go, Japan is full of surgical masked wonders ( / 2011-01-30/) wandering in packs of public anonymity.
However, the fierce facial mask wearers seeking beauty are even more fun. what-in-hole japan
As I reported before in The WHAT goes in the WHOzits? (3Yen / 2012-07-07) , all the Japanese cosmetics firms heavily promote specially impregnated sheets of skin care masks resulting in silly sights like this… ↓


Hanayuki Moisturizing Facial Mask


Daiso Japan’s Natural Pack Charcoal Peel Off Mask

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faceweaver facial mask animated
Facewaver Exercise Mask Beauty skin sag face stretcher



Johnny Depp attacked by Chupacabra in Tokyo!


Was it really a goat-sucking Chupacabra or a just a liver-snatching Japanese Kappa that laid up Johnny Depp for day?

left_long quotebar 24x260pxWhat was Johnny Depp’s bizarre excuse for missing a press conference?
Lancashire Telegraph / Jan. 28, 2015
Well it sure beats the flu. Johnny Depp told reporters in Japan that the reason he had missed a press conference [for his new film Mortdecai in Tokyo] the day before was because he had been attacked by a chupacabramore

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New Japanese ‘smart hotel’ to offer lower rates with stupid robots

Japanese theme park ‘Huis Ten Bosch’ to open ‘smart hotel’ with low rates — and robots
Nikkei Asian Review / January 28, 2015
at a planned hotel at Huis Ten Bosch, where robots will greet guests, clean up and even serve coffee… as a way to slash personnel costs… equipped with three customer-service robots handling check-ins, at least one “service robot” tasked with serving coffee to customers and other duties, and several cleaning robots. Instead of room keys, guests will use a facial recognitionmore

left_quoter_14x24WELCOME TO THE FUTURE. WE ARE HERE TO REPLACE YOU.right_quoter_13x24
The idea of a robot-assisted hotel is all fine and good. Check-in at an automated kiosk rather than with a clerk at the front desk is perfectly ok. Even a robot bellboy (3Yen / 2006-02-24 to carry my bags to my room would be sort of fun. However, claiming that this amounts to a “robot-run” hotel is just a gimmick.
UPDATE: The name of the hotel is “Henn na Hotel” {Strange Hotel}…a play on words: “Henn” is also part of the Japanese word for change. —The Japan Times.

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Japan’s Miss Universe 2015

Miss Japan Kurara Chibana in ninja

Who can forget Miss Universe in ninja high heels (3Yen / 2006-07-19)? Miss Japan, Kurara Chibana, won the national costume competition in her ninja bikini back in 2006.

This year’s Miss Japan, Keiko Tsuji, wore striking Ashigaru armor (Wiki) as her “national costume” in the preliminaries of the MISS UNIVERSE competition this Sunday (Jan. 25).


As posted here before in Miss Greater Co-Prosperity Universe (3Yen | 9/2/2011) is once again going for the kinky samurai look that has served Japan so well in previous years (3Yen / 2006-07-19)/

miss Japan maria kamiyama


Ever since the three nuclear reactor meltdowns caused by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Fukushima—things are still crazy after all these years…

Tokyo Electric to miss March deadline for filtering radioactive water
The Japan Times (KYODO) Jan. 24, 2015fukushima-text         Continues…

Story idea via Shogannai (@Shogannai)January 25, 2015

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fukuppy_500xfukushima corporation logo



Japan’s noise tribe — the ‘Bosozoku’

The dying bosozoku subculture still managed to organize a noisy run to greet the first sunrise of 2015 on New Years Day. The video below shows the so-called “violent running tribes*” of custom car and motorcycle gangs on Highway 20 coming out of Yokohama.

* bosozoku (暴走族), literally the “running-out-of-control
(as of a vehicle) tribe” motorcycle and car customizing,
often illegal, and making lots of noise (Wiki).

Here’s another video of different bosozoku group’s New Years run on Route 134 leaving Enoshima Aquarium and heading to Utsunomiya.

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Get the upskirt skirt . . . only in Japan

Den4, the 3Yen correspondent-at-large reports…
Just when they didn’t want to have perverts photographing up skirts in Japan, they come out with this.


New light-emitting, color-changing “hikaru skirt” illuminates your legs for the world to see 2015/Jan/19
Hikaru skirt (hikaru means “shining”) is a skirt with LEDs attached the light created a pleasant illumination effect on the wearer’s thighs…there are miniature gyro sensors (which sense rotational motion) inside the skirt. In other words, every time you move, the pattern of lights and colors in the skirt also changes!


Learn more about the Hikaru skirt on the official Tumblr website of the skirt’s designer/inventor, Kiyoyuki Amano

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I love to eat Japanese crap

Q: left_quoter_14x24What goes into those karinto* snacks?right_quoter_13x24

A: POODLE POOP, deep fried.

Slogan: left_quoter_14x24Once you get past the smell, you have it licked™.right_quoter_13x24

is a traditional, sweet and deep-fried, Japanese snack food that is made primarily of flour, yeast, and brown sugar. It has a deep brown and pitted appearance, and takes the form of a short cylinder…aka Poodle Poop (Wiki).Karintos2CC BY 2.0; by DFTDER