America joins Japan in a robotic circle jerk. MegaBots, Inc. of the USA challenges Suidobashi Heavy Industries’ Kuratas robot* to a wank off! All Japan has to do is to name the battlefield and in one year there will be a wanking battle.

suidobashi heavy industry logo
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First robo-wedding in Japan, of course


left_long quotebar 24x260pxThe bride wore white and the groom wore out his batteries: First robot wedding in Japan takes place and even ends with a kiss
  • Frois and Yukirin wore traditional outfits for the event in Tokyo on Saturday
  • Ceremony was organised by Maywa Denki*, who designed the groom Frois
Daily Mail Online | 28 June 2015

*The “Parallel-world electricians,” Maywa Denki, is Japan’s best “art unit” and they have been a favorite of the for many years:


Otamatone Touch-Sensitive Electronic Musical Instrument by Maywa Denki (

Bolly violence in Japan

Here in Tokyo we are in the throes of the fifth season of Japan’s venerated Four Seasons*: the Rainy Season.
And with the rainy season comes a billion brollies bringing on bashes‘n’clashes like the following report.

brolly-fightersleft_super long-quotebar 24x360Man in coma after being hit in eye by umbrella in fight with colleague
JAPAN TODAY | 2015-June-28

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Japan’s government to fill centenarians’ silver cups with hemlock

silver-cup-for-hemlock The (2015-June-23, in Japanese) is reporting that the:

left_quoter_14x24100-year-old Silver Cup is a tax waste.right_quoter_13x24 Outside business experts have recommended they stop giving away silver cups to Japanese celebrating their 100th birthday.
In a review of excessive government spending, business experts have recommended to the Ministry of Health that such expenditures for elderly be curtailed.
In the 2014 fiscal year 31,500 cups had to be prepared each costing about 8,000 yen ($69 USD) per person for a total budget of 298 million yen ($226,391 USD).

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‘Ikadon’ is friendly to children

Way up north in Aomori Prefecture, an eerie loose-character* mascot, “Ikadon,” appears in Hachinohe Morning Market held on the docks in front of the Hachinohe Museum. They say (Google Translate), Ikadon is friendly to children,″ but you be the judge whether this soiled squid is really ok.

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Happy Helmets for sadsack salarymen

I stumbled across these happy helmets, dubbed the Mask of Soul, that the Japanese designer Tomomi Sayuda created to help relieve stress of office workers.


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Sex Lube Olympics cumming up in Tokyo

The Sex Lube Olympics is cumming up Saturday, July 18 and Sunday July 19, 2015 at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring, and tickets for participating are still for sale. Be sure to wear protection…helmets.
sex-lube-combosidebar-quote long Lotion Athletic Competition
Time Out Tokyo | June 2015
… daring athletes gather at Shin-Kiba’s 1st Ring, a renowned pro wrestling venue, and smear sex lube all over their bodies before engaging in competitions like lube sumo, lube relays and lube obstacle runningmore…


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What’s next, Green Burgers?

Sometimes you gotta think that Burger King Japan is just trolling us.
First it was Black Burgers (3Yen 2012-09-20), and now it’s soviet-styled burgers in modernist red and black.


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Kyushu’s choo-choo cheer

The Sankei News (Google Translate) is reporting that Japan Railways (JR) Kyushu cheerleaders, the “Sakura/Swallow Corps” (mascot below), at the YOSAKOI Soran Festival in Sapporo this week. Sakuratsubame-Corps-character_200xThe Sakuratsubame (Sakura/Swallow) Corps is composed of JR Kyushu shinkansen (Bullet Train) station attendants, conductors, motormen, and train staff. The Corps won a “U-40″ grand prize at the the festival for their “choo-choo cheer” (you can hear the stream locomoive in the music of their performance).