The Call of CTHULHU in Kyoto!

All hail the Call of Cthulhu in Kyoto!
(A Japanese incarnation of Great Old One, Cthulhu (Wiki), at Kyoto’s Shimabara Sumiyoshi-jinja)

According to Kyoto Daily Photo:
left_long quotebar 24x260pxthe phrase the ‘earthworms sing’ refers to any unknown singing insect. This battered Komainu (Lion-Dog) was caught up in the highly political separation of Shinto from Buddhism in 1868 (Wiki), when the shrine was all but abolished. The Komainu endured long enough to see the gods returned in 2001.


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Call of Cthulhu in Tokyo..


Robot samba parade…in Tokyo of course

Shinjuku district’s famed “Robot Restaurant” (3Yen 2015-02-05), (3Yen 2012-07-28) had a huge presence at the Tokyo’s 35th annual “Asakusa Samba Carnival,” which of course is held on the last weekend of August—perfect time for “carnival” in Japanese thinking.

Also view video the samba parade taken from several other vantage points in our Comments section.


Jamming Gem-of-Japan

“Wanky,” long-time reader of the 3Yen, just sent in this jammin’ gem of Japan…

[Japanese] Fellow enjoys VR sex simulation so much he won’t stop when asked to | Aug 28, 2015

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Spiderman’s secret daughter in Japan

Spiderman’s secret 17 year old daughter is late to class in Japan.

via 高校生の話題の動画☆ ‏@kokosei_douga — 遅刻しそうなJKヤバい

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Kumamon for Peerless Leader 2016!

Dearest Leader, who is a perfect incarnation of the appearance that a leader should have…Kumamon 2016!

kumamon-presidentkumamon__bigger Kumamon/くまモン【公式】 ‏@55_kumamon 2015-08-27 —くまモン体操でくまもとのPRだモン!会いにきてくまさってサンくまー☆

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New law will require Japanese wine labeled with a warning: “JAPANESE”!

Typical Japanese grape
Typical Japanese grape

Currently “Japanese” wine is made with imported concentrated grape juice from lower-cost locations like Chile and then chemically altered at massive Japanese factories (aka wineries). A new law will require wine labeled as “Japanese” to be wholly produced in Japan using domestically harvested grapes the size of golf balls and sweeter than a Coke.

left_long quotebar 24x260pxNew rule will change definition of Japanese wine
THE JAPAN NEWS — Aug. 24, 2015
The National Tax Agency is preparing to establish a new rule that will require wine labeled as Japanese wine to be wholly produced in Japan using domestically harvested grapes[currently] 75 percent of grapes or concentrated grape juice used to make Japanese wine are imported, such wine is considered to be domestically producedmore


To celebrate Jizo Bon, on August 22 & 23rd, people make a pilgrimage to Ono-no-Takamura's six Jizo that are arranged in a vast circle around the city of Kyoto.
The ‘Rokujizo Meguri’ (六地蔵巡り) nowadays begins with Fushimi-jizo, moving counter-clockwise to Toba-jizo, Katsura-jizo, Tokiwa-jizo, Kuramaguchi-jizo, and Yamashina-jizo.

More significantly, nowadays these Jizo are the guardian deity of aborted fetuses.

Since Jizo are the guardian deity of aborted fetuses, a nice stroll among thousands of Jizo at a temple is not a great idea for a first date with a young Japanese lady who you may want to bed later in the evening.

Pikachu ‘Outbreak’!

Pikachu Tairyo Hassei Chu—an Outbreak of Pikachus is scheduled to take place in Yokohama from August 8 to 18. One thousand dancing Pikachus will descend on the Minato Mirai bayside district of Yokohama—No telling what havoc they will cause!