McDonald’s Japan puts ‘prison loaf’ on the menu

Macdonld’s Japan has taken a page from the U.S. prison system and has introduced Prison Loaf* to their new menu.
*Prison Loaf is served to inmates who have have misbehaved, is similar to meatloaf in texture, but has a wider variety of ingredients including vegetables, meat, and bread or other grain fillers that are blended and baked into a solid loaf. (Wiki)regular-menu-burger_530x
(Google Translate) Mogumogu Mac burger…a sandwich that children will eat happily. We have developed the Mogumogu [chomp-chomp] burger by listening to the concerns of mothers. Colorful vegetables—corn, carrots, and green soybeans are kneaded into a grilled chicken patty that is served on a toasted bun and seasoned with ketchup.
→ 276 kcal, 200 yen ($1.61 USD) separately, Happy Meal 500 yen ($4.03 USD)

Vegetable chicken burger…Colorful vegetables including corn, carrots, and green soybeans are kneaded and served as a fragrant grilled chicken patty. The burger is topped with crisp lettuce, onions, and fresh tomatoes, placed on a toasted white bun, and seasoned with paprika and a special vegetable sauce finished with lemon.
→ 293 kcal, 450 yen ($3.63 USD) as a burger with a side salad


Vegetable Chicken McMuffin…Corn, carrots, and green soybeans kneaded into a colorful grilled chicken patty. Served with lettuce, onions, and tomatoes that is seasoned with a special vegetable sauce finished with lemon. Available mornings until 10:30am.
→ 285 kcal, 300 yen ($2.42 USD) with coffee


The prison is ‘Mine’…complete with an idol group, M-girls

The prison is ‘Mine’…complete with the ‘M-girls’ J-pop idol group of guards.

Mulboyne goes on to say:
left_super long-quotebar 24x360The idea is to help guards cope with pressure. Thirty percent of the women quit the job in under 3 years, twice the rate of male guards. (
Mine Prison is an odd place. It’s not called a prison, it’s the Mine Rehabilitation Program Centre (美祢社会復帰促進センター) (
It’s built on part of the Mine Techno Park, which lay empty after Japan’s economic Bubble burst. SECOM and NTT Data are the main private investors.

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‘Built NOT bought’ — a car sticker lost-in-translation

Meaningless automobile stickers—Talk about being dumb.

budding green leaf mark

The Wakaba/green-leaf sticker legally means “Beware-of-new-driver” in Japan. It is a mark of shame that new drivers are happy to be rid of after the probationary period of their driver’s license is over.

leaf-mark car

Outside Japan, folks incorrectly use this “new driver” sticker to signify the owner’s love of “JDM”—Japan Domestic Market cars and car parts (3Yen / 2014-11-21).
Even worse, the wakeba/green-leaf/noob sticker is incorrectly used on “Built NOT bought” stickers in America, grrr.

Built NOT bought: The sticker that has more hype than substance
The Daily Star / May 22, 2015
bewildering concept of ‘Built NOT Bought’ amongst the tuning culture. Standard cars are ripped off their OEM power plants and steroid injected with power and torque juice by performance enthusiasts
these enthusiasts slap on a ‘Built NOT Bought’ decal on their cars boasting the fact that their cars have been built (or rather perfected) by them as opposed to being bought in the current modified conditionmore...

The 3Yen correspondent, the astute and always charming Yuumi-chan, has previously observed:

I remember the first time was in Southern California and I saw many Japanese Shoshinsha mark (初心者マーク) or Wakaba mark (若葉マーク) green leaf stickers. I wondered why so many Californians in their mid 20s were beginner drivers when most learn in high school.
Then I learned the Green Leaf stickers meant the drivers were “JDM” fans but I still couldn’t understand why they wanted to be identified as beginner drivers when they were pros driving tricked-out Japanese cars. Americans are so weird.




Stepmother of Hello Kitty

The fashion brand “Stella McCartney” had an opening party on May 20th for their new store in Aoyama (north Harajuku Tokyo). For that opening they managed to scare up the current designer/stepmother of Hello Kitty, Yuko Yamaguchi (Wiki).

As we always say on the 3Yen, left_quoter_14x24You Can Never Have Enough HELLO KITTY.right_quoter_13x24 Right?



Lot 69: DOGU, Jomon Japan

doguLot 69:

Sotheby’s (13 May 2015): ¥190,368,693 JPY / $1,587,675 USD (hammer price with buyer’s premium)

Dogū (土偶)(lit., “clay figures”) are small humanoid figurines made during the late Jōmon period (14,000–400 BC) of Japan: Purpose unknown. (Wiki)
it was aliens

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Useless new stadium for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics comes up short

The fuckin' retards just finished tearing down the perfectly re-usable old Olympic stadium last week, and now they cannot build the hi-tech improvements for the new stadium, which was the whole the reason for building the new venue in the first place, sheesh.

With time running out, Japan to scale back stadium for 2020 Tokyo Olympics
JAPAN TODAY — May 19, 2015
Japan plans to scale back the main stadium for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as the government runs short of money and time, the country’s sports minister said Monday.
Hakubun Shimomura said a planned retractable roof wouldn’t be built in time for the games, and some of the 80,000 seats would be temporary ones, according to Japanese media reports.
Shimomura, whose ministry oversees sports, education and science, made the remarks in an exchange of views with Tokyo Gov. Yoichi Masuzoe. He asked if the city of Tokyo could shoulder 50 billion yen ($418 million) of the 169 billion yen construction cost. Masuzoe was non-committal

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Great A’Tuin spotted on a burger bun in Shibuya Tokyo

Den4, the 3Yen’s correspondent-at-large reports:

The Great A’Tuin (Wiki), the giant space turtle that holds up the Discworld, by the late Terry Prachett, seems to have landed on top of a hamburger bun in Shibuya


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Wankers of the World Unite!

Otaku wankers prove their worth…
…With this counter demonstration in Tokyo’s otaku/geek district, Akihabara, on May 17th fielded 1,000 protesters* against the tiny right-wing “Zaitokukai” anti-foreigner march.
The banner below says:
Otaku are all one nation—NO BORDERS.

no-borders秋葉原で「在日外国人は出て行け」系のデモをやっててそのデモに反対する人がこんな段幕を掲げていた.そう.オタクに国境はないのだ.—Simon_Sin(@Simon_Sin) 2015May18

brett fujiokaThe Otaku [geeks] were holding a pro-foreigner demonstration. Against the Zaitokukai [right-wing protest party].
     Brett Fujioka (@Brett_Fujioka) May 17, 2015

Here a glimpse of the anti-foreigner march of the neo-nazi Zaitokukai (Wiki) that the counter demonstration was protesting against. As you can see, the counter-protesting otaku vastly outnumbered the Zaitokukai crazies.

Why does the Zaitokukai hate foreigners so much? Well most importantly these hated “foreigners” aren’t even really foreign.

These so-called “foreigners” are mostly Japanese born and raised Koreans and to smaller extent naturalized, Japanese-passport carrying Chinese and Brazil-Japanese. The Zaitokukai is a Japanese political organization that seeks to eliminate perceived privileges† extended to foreigners with “Special Foreign Resident” status who are mostly Zainichi Koreans (Wiki).
†The “privileges” are mostly welfare for single mothers and elderly (50,000yen/month, about $420 USD). Only 0.7 percent of the total population in Japanese receives welfare benefits (NY Times) and the total number of these faux-foreigners receiving benefits is infinitesimally small.

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