Screaming squeaker leads Japan’s charge at world junior meet

Ai Fukuhara
Table Tennis: ‘Ai-chan’ leads Japan’s charge at world junior meet
Ai Fukuhara, who finished in the last 16 at the Athens Olympics, helped Japan advance past the preliminary round of the women’s team competition Sunday on the opening day of the table tennis world junior championships.

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3 thoughts on “Screaming squeaker leads Japan’s charge at world junior meet”

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  2. Gee, I’m speechless by your adroit robot spam obfuscation. Thank you for sharing. :-)

  3. Thank Buddha, we don’t have to hear any more of her fcuking squeaking, screaming, screeching, ever again.

    Table tennis: Ai Fukuhara feels "lighter" after retirement announcement
    Kyodo News Plus‎ | 2018-Oct-23
    Double Olympic medalist Ai Fukuhara said Tuesday the weight of announcing her retirement has lifted after being lauded for her nearly 20-year squeakathon

    Ai Fukuhara7

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