‘Tokyo is like Blade Runner, without the flying cars’

Tokyo garbage truck ninja
Dr Tue – 11.30.2004 Take a walk (and a beer) down Memory Lane
When I am taking visitors out and they start on the whole tired of “Tokyo is like Blade Runner, without the flying cars” thing, I usually just nod and take them to Shinjuku Nishiguchi…..
….It’s impossible not to experience at least some level of self-sufficient ‘I-bet-they-don’t-mention-this-in-lonely-planet’ pride when you walk through that uber-authentic remnant of post-war Tokyo, trying to catch your breath amidst the carcinogenic fumes of kushiyaki barbecues and slaloming between drunk salarymen and people sitting at the street-side stalls in an alley that is barely big enough to walk with your arms outstretched…..

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I'm a pale, alien, quadruped who has worked for 25+ years at "Maybe-the-Largest Inc." in Tokyo.

9 thoughts on “‘Tokyo is like Blade Runner, without the flying cars’”

  1. A helicopter in your back yard? The picture is bright. You go out behind the apple tree, give the rotors a whirl, and whizz!—you’re on the office roof. At the end of the day, whizz!—and you’re back in Suburbia, tending your delphiniums. Beautiful picture, isn’t it?

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