Popular Japan dietman, Shinzo Abe, wants patriotism education

The subtext of the whole “patriotism” push for Japanese schools is the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) wants to amend “Article Nine” of the Japanese constitution, so that the Japanese military can take part in overseas combat which is now unconstitutional.
Japanese teachers are 80-90% opposed to required “patriotism” education (for damn good reason on this is PEARL HARBOR DAY) . Before WWII, patriotism education was used to prepare for “Pacific War of Liberation”, as the Japanese rightwing still loves to call it.

Popular Japan MP wants patriotism back in schools
… Shinzo Abe, deputy secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)… patriotism should be stated in the law say that it would help halt such social ills as rising crime and a breakdown in school discipline, but critics say that it is the first step towards revising the pacifist constitution….

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