The “Last” Godzilla is a sham!

The “last” Godzilla film press conference today was BLAH….that is, the news conference at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan in Tokyo. Goji-chan did have a news worthy quote: The word for this Godzilla film is “SAIKO” not “SAIGO.” (‘best’ not ‘last’). Thus Toho Films admitted their scam with the “last Gozilla film” hype. To quote a journalist buddy of mine…..

I can say without doubt, it was the worst entertainment-related news conference I have ever seen in my life.
While blabbering endlessly for hours about the artistic and other dubious merits of Toho’s special effects, the company said it aims to provide entertainment value to rival Hollywood blockbusters.
With all the babble about entertainment, admittedly made in flat tones with no emotion, the four Toho reps and their yakuza in the background did not emit a single smile for over an hour. The conference was bland, dull and boring, which I truly hope is not a reflection of the movie they’ve made

Godzilla Xmas
ゴジラ クリスマス ハッピー!

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2 thoughts on “The “Last” Godzilla is a sham!”

  1. Yahoo! News – Japan Studio Pays Big for Godzilla Film

    Movies – AP
    Japan Studio Pays Big for Godzilla Film

    2 hours, 51 minutes ago

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    TOKYO – It won’t be immediately clear if “Godzilla: Final Wars,” which opened in Japan last week, has broken any box office records. But the giant radioactive reptile’s 28th film already has set the bar higher in one way %u2014 its cost.

    AP Photo

    Toho Co. executive producer Shogo Tomiyama said Wednesday that the studio shelled out an unprecedented $19.3 million %u2014 small by Hollywood standards, but twice that of any of Toho’s past Godzilla movies.

    “We wanted to make the best Godzilla movie ever,” Tomiyama explained at a news conference….
    …Recently, fans in Japan and the United States have deluged Toho with letters asking the studio to reverse its decision to make “Final Wars” Godzilla’s last film for now. But Tomiyama said that would have to wait until a new generation of filmmakers took up the challenge.
    “When I spoke with children after they had seen the film, I said, ‘I know you enjoyed the film. If you enjoyed it so much, you have to make the next Godzilla film,'” Tomiyama said. “The next film is something that will probably be created by a new generation, and I will be in the audience to appreciate it.”

  2. Let’s just say that this would be a BBQ-ed Alien in five seconds…
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