“Gross National Cool” as Japan’s only hope for a foreign policy

This “Gross National Cool” policy for Japan is either “cho-kool” (mega-cool) or really pathetic: I can see it both ways. Promoting Kabuki that is less relevant than opera or anime cartoons for kids and perverts does not seem to be a solid stragegy. On the other hand, such a policy is “cool” and Japan’s brand image could use any help it can get. It’s hard to make the Land-of-Concrete(tm) and Home-of-the-Zombie-Salarymen look better than it is in reality—- that is, Japan is like the movie Blade Runner on a Bad-Hair Day.
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Japan advised to promote “Gross National Cool” as foreign policy
AFP via Yahoo! News – Dec 13 9:10 AM
With its films and cartoons drawing strong followings abroad, Japan
should promote its “Gross National Cool” as a tool of foreign policy,
experts advised Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi…more…

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One thought on ““Gross National Cool” as Japan’s only hope for a foreign policy”

  1. The attempt to individualizing oneself out of that group is growing less important by the minute.

    We need to get bombarded with thousands of ads each single day, it is necessary to conform for the greater good of society nowadays. We need to create a generation of will-but-brainless people that are totally numbed to all human feelings so our economy and our lives will run smoothly.

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