Instructions on elevator molestation scenarios from the Tokyo Police website

According to investigative journalist friend., “Captain Japan” the Tokyo Police website is offering instructions on elevator molestation scenarios .

Click on an elevator standing position (on the link below) to find out what form of molestation commonly awaits you, at least according to the Tokyo Police website here.

You can hear the “best” elevator molestation stories from elevator girls who work in department stores. Several times they have told me that they are under strict orders to never report molestators unless it causes any discomfort the other store patrons in the elevato. Supposedly, the worst elevator girl job getting molestated was Kinokuniya bookstore in Shinjuku. Although the Kinokuniya elevatoris now automatic, pervs say that’s the “best” one in terms of crowding.*
*Kinokuniya Shinjuku’s elevators violate most all of the present-day Japanese building and fire codes. I suspuct that in the late 1960s when Kinokuniya Shinjuku was built, the building was not up to code either.

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  1. Oh no! There’s elevator molestation scenarios shortages!

    Please post more, maybe my pictures???

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