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Japanese Makeup Lesson in Eye Torture

A common sight in Japan are women (and men) blithely toweling on makeup as they barrel along riding on Japanese commuter trains. However, for some strange reason I never see them do this eyeball forking.
The most popular plastic surgery procedure for Japanese and Asians the so-called “double eyelid” surgery to make slanted eyes rounder. Continuing on the same vein that I mentioned before in Vibrator glasses for a “taller” nose to raise the bridge of the nose, here’s a “Makeup Lesson” for eye gluing and taping to simulate round eyes. See it as makeup lesson as a video and here as still pictures in plain HTML as shown below
Via Weekly Teinou * Woman which is the Japanese side of Geisha Asobi Blog in English.

Here are some more horrific pictures of this meaningless “beauty” procedure.
before after eyes
eye how-to torture

And for more fun with eyeballs, check out my previous reports:
Japanese eye torture on the train
Kinky ‘lash bar’ in Tokyo

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71 Responses to “Japanese Makeup Lesson in Eye Torture”

  1. Marked Trail Says:

    Well, I do see this all the time being done on the trains.

      Taro Toporific wrote: See it as a video makeup lesson or here as still pictures in plain HTML.

    Whoa! Well, I do see this all the time being done on the trains.

  2. mka Says:

    Oh it’s horrible…bleh

  3. taro Says:

    Fun, fun, fun, isn’t it?

  4. manila Says:

    That cool…. i have never seen that before or thought of asian girls doing that….cool im going get myself some now…

  5. Raita Says:

    where can you buy this?

  6. taro Says:

    You can go to our sponsor and search in their catalog for “DAI273 Double Eyelid Makeup” to order one.

    This amazing eyeliner allows you to create “gaijin style eyes”
    DAI273 Double Eyelid Makeup
    This item can be ordered. Weight: 80 g. Price: $3.50
    Product type: Accessary Buy Now!
    Want to have double eyelids? This water-solvent “glue” allows you to create the effect that you have them. Extremely popular in Japan, to use, all you do it use the brush to apply a small amount to your upper lids, and then use the Y-prong to *gently* push up your lower lid to create the effect. Give yourself a whole new look that will surprise everyone, but be suspected by none.

    It actually is not as scary as it looks. I’ve watched the process be re-done in my car as I was driving a hot date to dinner. Actually. it was kind of fun teasing the girl that one her eyelids had become unglued, hee, hee.

  7. Raita Says:

    thanks taro!

  8. moa Says:

    I love tortured eyes :)

  9. Taro Says:

    Yes, “tortured eyes” are fun. Gee, I get creepy feeling just watching peple play with their contact lenses.

  10. girl Says:

    This is horrible, asians have such beautiful eyes. Don’t ruin them. :(

  11. Taro Says:

    Yes “girl” I find it ironic that Asians are trying to fix their eyes when Western people find that feature attractive. Oddly, Asians try to make their nose “taller” (a larger bridge or the nose) when in the West people want to get a nose job to reduce it. I remember asking a Japanese girl if her sister was as cute as her. She replied, “Oh no, she has much bigger nose” [much cuter] hee, hee.

  12. Tammy Says:

    does any one know about using tape on your eyelid for a similiar effect? where can I pick some up?

  13. Taro Says:

    As I said before, has the glue but not the tape.

    Most Japanese, Chinese and Korean markets carry eye tape and glue—it only costs about $3.
    Otherwise google “double eyelid tape” and buy from a larger source on ebay or…

  14. Chidade Says:

    Dead images here. Can you fix them please, so they appear on the fashion blog too? :)

  15. Taro Says:

    I re-posted the images, BUT you cannot use direct images links in the fashion blog. You must save them to your computer and then repost them to the fashion blog.

  16. karen Says:

    that’s torture. asian eyes are so pretty. I unfortunately have heavy lidded eyes, so I kind of wish I could do the opposite.

  17. kandi Says:

    Yes…this is interesting….but you know what? if you look at all the famous stars and singers… they all have double eyelids… so I can see why it’s so popular. The even do this in Korea… alot of my friends can’t even leave home without doubling up…

  18. Taro Says:

    Many, if not most Japanese models in Paris, New York, and LA do not have “double lids”—No modeling agency wants to hire a Japanese without an sexy exotic look, hee, hee.

  19. Nazz Says:

    Yea, I’ve heard out this for some time. Isn’t it the new trend in order to look more like manga characters? If so….how obsessive! Be happy with what you have! Geez…

  20. Taro Says:

    Nazz wrote:
    Isn’t it the new trend in order to look more like manga characters?

    The trend has been around Japan since the 1920s when eye tape appeared on the Japanese market from Hong Kong. Manga characters have round eyes because Japanese have been trying to do this for a long time. However, the funnier trend is that Japanese girls and guys try to make their hair look like manga character—Muppet Hair!
    Muppet hair VS Japanese girl's hair

  21. Albina Says:

    Sorry for my english. Oh! i look like asian girl( but i’m russian )… my eyes have double lids (i mean they are not asian and not european) i don’t like it

  22. Taro Says:

    Albina wrote: i’m russian )… my eyes have double lids (i mean they are not asian and not european) i don’t like it

    If you were living in Japan, your not-Asian-not-European eyes would be considered the best of both worlds. Such double eyelids are in high demand for fashion models in Japan.

    The Japanese public views your double eyelids as wonderful because they aren’t “scary” like European eyes but not “boring” like Japanese eyes.

  23. mai Says:

    I use the double eye lid glue but not the same brand. i actually use buty lab. its very good. i love it!

  24. kem Says:

    you do that stuffs on your eyes? its okay but not much… you couLd scare the heLL out of anyone even sadako!!

  25. yandra Says:

    Well I don’t know why asian people want to make their eyes round, I think their eyes are beautiful just like that, I would like to have those eyes, the same about their tiny noses, I think they look more delicate than my long occidental nose.

  26. cindee_rella Says:

    i had one eye with a crease and one eye without…which made putting on makeup quite difficult (total understatement). anyways, i tried using the “glue” for about a year and now i dont have to use it anymore and i have a crease on my once creaseless eye =) so it worked wonders for me!

  27. Taro Says:

    Gee, if I had one eye with a crease and one eye without, I would just have a friendly doctor correct it—Most Japanese doctors will do such super simple corrections for free or reduced price (corrective treatment is covered by National Health Insurance, if your doctor is willing to fill out all the forms).

  28. Yui Says:

    just one question
    is this only for asian people
    like what will happen
    if a european bot girl uses it
    it also become like that^^

  29. Yuri Says:

    hey, I dont get it, how come i dont get the same effect? it doenst exactly fold and wen you look’s so obvious that you’ve glued it up. Is it because of the different brands?

  30. Taro Says:

    >>how come i don’t get the same effect? it doesn’t exactly fold and when you look’s so obvious< <

    Yep, it must be the difference in brands. I worked everyday with various Japanese women who use eye tape and it takes years before I see an eye glue failure. The Japanese “Eye Tape” (small crescents of double-sided surgical tape) is the best.

  31. Janice Says:

    ewww…i cringe when i look at that pic.

    i never thought people would go through so much torture for beauty x.O …poor poor girl!!!

  32. Jenny Says:

    OMG, I am so glad to know there is someone else out there that knows my pain of one eye with a crease and the other without. I am going to try the glue and see if it does anything for me. Thanks cindee_rella!

  33. Ralph Says:


    Can you please tell me the manufacturer of the eye tape (smaal pieces of tapes to put on top eye lid? Please inform me name and emailaddress.
    Thank you very much.

    (I dont speak japanese, so its hard to find the manufacturer on the internet)

    Best regards.
    Ralph Terstappen

  34. Taro Says:

    “please tell me the manufacturer of the eye tape”

    before after eyes

    As I mentioned before, it’s much easier to go to an oriental market and just ask. Asian supermarkets always have a small supply of “special” cosmetics which the general public often does not see hiding behind the service counter or manager’s desk (because of silly import approval regulations).
    You can search on goggle for EYE TAPE (アイテープ) and find dozens (but 99.9999% won’t ship products out of Japan. You should try and click on the “ENGLISH” interface.

    One major supplier is Kenko Company’s line of eye-tapes.

    They have many eye-tape brands:
    Rosie Rosa eye tape
    shy NIMA maid
    WANDA eye lid tape Extra

    Other companies include:
    アドローゼ リキッドアイテープ

    eye how-to torture

  35. martha Says:

    well for me this is really new, and its crazy ’cause i have double lids, and two of my brothers do too, but am not asian or european, am mexican. But i mean if they think thats prety then they can do it.!!

  36. Britney Says:

    I think this l00ks abs0yultly redicul0s! asian eyes r ment 2 b yr true shape st0p tryna b a kiwi 0w!!

  37. choichoi Says:

    Asian women are allowed to look beautiful ( in their eyes ), right ?
    So respect that.
    Western women get their breasts pumped up, their noses reduced, and the fat sucked out of them – why can`t Asian girls use eye glue or get double eyelid surgery ?

  38. Jiawen Says:

    Agree with Choi Choi.
    It’s not horrific..
    My friend actually got the surgery done (seeing as it’s very popular back in Korea, and she got it done there).. it’s matter of preference.

    Just because we get our eyes done does not mean any difference than Westerners pumping collagen or using plumping lipgloss into their lips.. cheek fillers, botox.

    Don’t hate.

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  40. Anonymous Says:
  41. hanz Says:

    hahaha wad a gay bunch

  42. David Says:

    Its very sad the lenghts a girl will go to. I have never dated an asian girl, but I think they are very sexy the way they are born. Of course I am different than a lot of men. I work in a book shop with a Japanese girl who is very hot. She is home sick I think.

  43. chu Says:

    ew, it´s wierd.
    but it look trendy ^W^

  44. wai Says:

    Hi all,

    Does anyone know any good bleph surgeons in Tokyo?

    Please email me

    Thank you so much..guys

  45. Taro Says:

    Wai-san wrote:
    Does anyone know any good bleph [cosmetic eye surgery] surgeons in Tokyo?

    Normally I am very unimpressed by Japanese doctors and quality of medicine in general. However, Japanese plastic surgery is about the best on Earth. Why? Because Japanese (and northern Asian) skin is thin and has fat layers nearer to the surface making it very delicate and difficult for plastic surgery. Because Japanese skin is so difficult to operate on their skill for blepharoplasty, cosmetic eye surgery, is amazing. The prices are the same as any good plastic surgeon in the EU or the USA, but the results of Japanese blephroplasty are better than Western doctors.

    The best group of plastic surgery hospitals in Japan are the

    The Jujin provides services in English, Chinese and Korean and is the favorite with both Japanese and expats.

    Bottom Line: Plastic surgery costs less than a cheap used car and results are 10,000 times better than silly eye tape and glue.

  46. steph Says:

    eye TORTURE?
    how is this TORTURE?
    seriously this is like applying makeup..
    that first picture up there is bull
    as if it is that scary when ur doing it..
    i do it..
    doesnt friggen hurt at all!

  47. lydia Says:

    i actually have it

    i baught it in mitsuwa a japanese “mall” around the chicago area or outside of it.

    it actually works well. the only thing that sucks is that sometimes it can be frusterating to get the same eyelid shape, or sometimes you can’t get the eyelid to look the way you want it.

    i give it a rating of like 9/10 b/c it really does help girls get eyelids if they want, and it doesn’t hurt actually at all when you’re poking that stick in it. the only thing that sucks is that you can’t close yoru eye all the way,and if you do your eyelid will “rip” or basically the glue will rip and you wont have an eyelid anymore.

  48. Sheila Says:

    hello, i have a project at school, here in norway. And its about makeup tips in different countries. So.. I thought maybe you could help me:) Do you know how you do an Geisha makeup, what do they use? And typical marriage makeup and night/day makeup. I hope you can help me with this, please wright back to my e-mail address or here if you like. Looking forward to hear from you soon! Sheila.

  49. lol Says:

    It’s not as bad as it looks, actually. It’s better to *gently* push it (not all the way behind the eyeball like the girl does it) or the tip of the fork will leave unnatural marks. It’s about as “horrific” and “torturous” as rubbing your eyes when you’re groggy. (:

  50. carly Says:

    There’s no difference between eye glue and mascara/eyelash curlers. They both look painfull when applied but in reality it does no harm. I am not an asian woman but many asian people say I look like I am (I’m short, with striaght black hair and light skin) and I’m actually looking to buy eye glue but for the opposite effect. I am marrying into an asian family who is nice but would prefer an asian girl for thier son. I wear eyeliner which I have learned to apply precisely to achieve that ‘asian’ eye look, not only to feel more accepted in my family but becuase I have big little kid eyes anyways. So white girls want to look asian and asian girls want to look white. Its all about how the grass is greener on the other side of the gene pool i guess.

  51. kaichi Says:

    heh. tortourous? thats a joke. i do it too. actually, i alternate between tape and the glue. its not hard to do at all. and as for those people talking about how asian eyes are fine the way they are-its not, from most asians point of view. to them, the crease in the lid is a mark of greater beauty.

  52. Traci Nguyen Says:

    To Whom It May Concern,

    My name is Tracy, Please let me know the price of your product, and minimum order.



  53. bluefire Says:

    well, if you look at tit from another viewpoint, in asia, small lips are considered more beautiful, so i suppose they would wonder why caucasians always want to use lip plumpers and all. its just the other way around with glue.

  54. Tina Says:

    I have a question out of plain curiosity what it would do to a caucasian eye ? @ . @

    I personally love asain eyes!
    But I agree that if they want to do this it is exactly like any other beauty thing.

  55. gothbaby6 Says:

    This procedure is pointless…news flash: You still have Asian eyes…now you just look weird and fake.

  56. Alyissa Says:

    Is there a procedure to give me asain eyes?!?!?!??
    I have big round blue eyes,
    and I hate them.
    I think Asains are blessed with the most beautiful eye ever.

  57. sandhya Says:

    its true, it doesnt work much, .. i have them, i use to use them. and theyre crap, i say its a rip off.

  58. moocow Says:

    So Asian’s are ashamed of their eyes just like White women are ashamed of their small lips and early wrinkles


    Also do you know the founder of the Down syndrome had related a theory that Down syndrome is a degenerative Asian trait found in Caucasians? (because of the epicanthal eyelid folds found in Asians).
    Silly, but he said it.

  59. Chris Says:

    This is ridiculous….. Asian females are the most beautiful ladies in the world so why would they want to stuff up their pretty eyes? Their eyes play a part in making them so beautiful after all so why would they want to give themselves a boring “wide eye” look? To all you Asian ladies out there:

  60. Taro Says:

    Chris wrote:
    …Why would they want to give themselves a boring “wide eye” look?

    anime-eyesIt all boils down to their, “Big Eyes, Small Mouth” complex.
    Japanese girls worry about having small eyes and “think” that anime eyes are normal, sheesh.

  61. balsam Says:

    you know i like japanese eyes i hope i have such eyes like them .!!!

  62. just a commentator girl Says:

    whoa! I’m European (German), you can see my crease, but you can’t see my socket–it’s more padded, but my eyes are almondy-round. I like my eyes the way they are. What do these people put themselves through in order to get a certain look. be happy with who you are! i think asian eyes are beautiful on asians, and european/western eyes are pretty on westerners! it looks painful…

  63. Taro Says:

    just a commentator girl wrote:
    …What do these people put themselves through in order to get a certain look…

    It sounds crazy to me too. I love the fact that in Brazil there’s a small industry in making eyes look asian!

    Associated Press January 28, 2008
    Carnival queen gyrates to 42nd plastic surgery
    Angela Bismarchi’s latest plastic surgery will give her an Asian look.

  64. AsianLove Says:

    Has anyone else seen the trend of more&more Caucasian guys and Asian women having relationships? It seems like the hipster thing to do. I have several friends who only take out Asians. Is there something about this women that Western dorks find attractive? Are certain countries that are especially compatible with Western guys? I find Japanese women to be espeically good-looking but some guys say Filipina women make the best spouses. I’m curious what others think.

  65. laser tonsillectomy Says:


  66. my^oh^my Says:

    Damn! I don’t mind an educational article once-in-a-blue-moon, but you don’t all have to be so serious ;-P … I sit all day at work in front of a computer and I need something to keep me awake and entertained, lol. Thanks again. Cyaaa

  67. Taro Says:

    AsianLove wrote:
    Has anyone else seen the trend of more&more Caucasian guys and Asian women having relationships? It seems like the hipster thing to do.

    “Hipster”? You want hipster? Ok…

    8-bit sustainable letterpress, before they sold out mlkshk next level irony cardigan four loko brooklyn. Mixtape vinyl bicycle rights tumblr you probably haven't heard of them, 8-bit thundercats. Skateboard fap butcher messenger bag, mixtape four loko single-origin coffee PBR letterpress organic cliche. Gentrify scenester farm-to-table, shoreditch artisan seitan sustainable salvia fap food truck raw denim letterpress echo park. Chambray mlkshk 3 wolf moon farm-to-table. Beard gluten-free wes anderson, ethical fanny pack tumblr seitan readymade banksy yr hoodie. Iphone sustainable terry richardson bicycle rights, jean shorts seitan organic fanny pack raw denim.

    Do you need some text for your website or whatever? *sigh* Okay…

    Type: Hipster w/ a shot of Latin.

    Hipster, neat.

    via Hipster Ipsum | Artisanal filler text for your site or project.

  68. FranDochterman Says:

    Hey, nice website, do you have any ideas on the best way to put-on eye1iner? Regards

  69. ConnieSutten Says:

    Hey there, is anybody able to give me info on a good way to get the cat-eye look with make-up? Thanks.

  70. Taro Says:

    ConnieSutten asks for lessons in:
    …cat-eye … make-up…?

    Here’s one of the zillions of youtube tutorials..

    Or you could go wild with…

  71. AylasyoAylasyo Says:

    How’s things? Re: the cateye look with make-up—I’ve tried a few times but been totally unsuccessful unfortunately.

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