Japanese Makeup Lesson in Eye Torture

A common sight in Japan are women (and men) blithely toweling on makeup as they barrel along riding on Japanese commuter trains. However, for some strange reason I never see them do this eyeball forking.
The most popular plastic surgery procedure for Japanese and Asians the so-called “double eyelid” surgery to make slanted eyes rounder. Continuing on the same vein that I mentioned before in Vibrator glasses for a “taller” nose to raise the bridge of the nose, here’s a “Makeup Lesson” for eye gluing and taping to simulate round eyes. See it as makeup lesson as a video and here as still pictures in plain HTML as shown below
Via Weekly Teinou * Woman which is the Japanese side of Geisha Asobi Blog in English.

Here are some more horrific pictures of this meaningless “beauty” procedure.
before after eyes
eye how-to torture

And for more fun with eyeballs, check out my previous reports:
Japanese eye torture on the train
Kinky ‘lash bar’ in Tokyo

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71 thoughts on “Japanese Makeup Lesson in Eye Torture”

  1. heh. tortourous? thats a joke. i do it too. actually, i alternate between tape and the glue. its not hard to do at all. and as for those people talking about how asian eyes are fine the way they are-its not, from most asians point of view. to them, the crease in the lid is a mark of greater beauty.

  2. To Whom It May Concern,

    My name is Tracy, Please let me know the price of your product, and minimum order.



  3. well, if you look at tit from another viewpoint, in asia, small lips are considered more beautiful, so i suppose they would wonder why caucasians always want to use lip plumpers and all. its just the other way around with glue.

  4. wow
    I have a question out of plain curiosity what it would do to a caucasian eye ? @ . @

    I personally love asain eyes!
    But I agree that if they want to do this it is exactly like any other beauty thing.

  5. This procedure is pointless…news flash: You still have Asian eyes…now you just look weird and fake.

  6. Omg-oodness,
    Is there a procedure to give me asain eyes?!?!?!??
    I have big round blue eyes,
    and I hate them.
    I think Asains are blessed with the most beautiful eye ever.

  7. its true, it doesnt work much, .. i have them, i use to use them. and theyre crap, i say its a rip off.

  8. So Asian’s are ashamed of their eyes just like White women are ashamed of their small lips and early wrinkles


    Also do you know the founder of the Down syndrome had related a theory that Down syndrome is a degenerative Asian trait found in Caucasians? (because of the epicanthal eyelid folds found in Asians).
    Silly, but he said it.

  9. This is ridiculous….. Asian females are the most beautiful ladies in the world so why would they want to stuff up their pretty eyes? Their eyes play a part in making them so beautiful after all so why would they want to give themselves a boring “wide eye” look? To all you Asian ladies out there:

  10. Chris wrote:
    …Why would they want to give themselves a boring “wide eye” look?

    anime-eyesIt all boils down to their, “Big Eyes, Small Mouth” complex.
    Japanese girls worry about having small eyes and “think” that anime eyes are normal, sheesh.

  11. hahahaha..
    you know i like japanese eyes i hope i have such eyes like them .!!!

  12. whoa! I’m European (German), you can see my crease, but you can’t see my socket–it’s more padded, but my eyes are almondy-round. I like my eyes the way they are. What do these people put themselves through in order to get a certain look. be happy with who you are! i think asian eyes are beautiful on asians, and european/western eyes are pretty on westerners! it looks painful…

  13. just a commentator girl wrote:
    …What do these people put themselves through in order to get a certain look…

    It sounds crazy to me too. I love the fact that in Brazil there’s a small industry in making eyes look asian!

    Associated Press January 28, 2008
    Carnival queen gyrates to 42nd plastic surgery
    Angela Bismarchi’s latest plastic surgery will give her an Asian look.

  14. Has anyone else seen the trend of more&more Caucasian guys and Asian women having relationships? It seems like the hipster thing to do. I have several friends who only take out Asians. Is there something about this women that Western dorks find attractive? Are certain countries that are especially compatible with Western guys? I find Japanese women to be espeically good-looking but some guys say Filipina women make the best spouses. I’m curious what others think.

  15. Damn! I don’t mind an educational article once-in-a-blue-moon, but you don’t all have to be so serious ;-P … I sit all day at work in front of a computer and I need something to keep me awake and entertained, lol. Thanks again. Cyaaa

  16. AsianLove wrote:
    Has anyone else seen the trend of more&more Caucasian guys and Asian women having relationships? It seems like the hipster thing to do.

    “Hipster”? You want hipster? Ok…

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  17. Hey, nice website, do you have any ideas on the best way to put-on eye1iner? Regards

  18. Hey there, is anybody able to give me info on a good way to get the cat-eye look with make-up? Thanks.

  19. ConnieSutten asks for lessons in:
    …cat-eye … make-up…?

    Here’s one of the zillions of youtube tutorials..

    Or you could go wild with…

  20. How’s things? Re: the cateye look with make-up—I’ve tried a few times but been totally unsuccessful unfortunately.

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