Chinese “Yellow Sand” dust pollution helps fight global warming

Cytotoxic “yellow sand” dust storms may kill our lung epithelial cells, but our suffering in Japan helps the world. “Yellow sand” comes from the winds blowing across the loess layer in the Gunsu Province of China and the Gobi Desert of Mongolia. From now on I will enjoy those mouthfulls of Chinese dust and filth.
Gulp Down the Gobi–Help Stop Global Warming!
Yellow sand storm

Japan-China research team says yellow sand helps cool off Earth

NAGASAKI —anese and Chinese researchers have found that yellow sand helps lower global temperature, albeit only to a small extent, as the particles reflect sunlight back to space when traveling with winds.
Masao Mikami, head researcher at Japan’s Meteorological Research Institute, said the particles are “playing a role in preventing global warming.” Yellow sand and other particles in the atmosphere reflect light back to space and thus help cool the atmosphere….

A brand-new grid computing climate research project, at, has come up with global warming simulations suggesting the rises of average temperatures of up to steaming 11 degrees Celsius, more than twice what was previously thought as reported by the BBC.

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  1. Mongolia threw a waste layer of dust on the mindlessness so our Soul could spend time looking up a piece of paradise.

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