The Official Chocolate of Japanese Exam Hell ™

Now the Japanese have a lucky chocolate to sweeten-up their exam hell for getting into a Japanese university. As Yves said over in the’s Food section…”brands come up with special flavored chocolate …Nestle this year….After the “lemon cheese cake” and the macha(traditional Japanese powder green tea) variations that you cannot find anywhere else than Japan, here comes the passionfruit KitKat, designed by very un-famous “Le Patissier Takagi”, especially for Valentine’s day….and now for EXAM HELL too.

Exam fever gives Japan a craving for Kit Kat
TOKYO— Kit Kat are struggling to cope with a surge in demand for the chocolate bar in Japan, because the country’s teenagers believe that it will help them pass exams.
Kit Kat, an expression invented in Britain in the 1930s, sounds eerily close to “kitto katsu,” a Japanese exam-season mantra that literally means “I’ll do my best to make sure I succeed”.

Japanese Kit Kat schoolgirls

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