Tokyo is ruled by birdbrains

Tokyo is infested with crows— BIG CROWS with attitudes bordering on the Hitler-on-a-bad-hair-day. The city spends gazillions on getting rid of them but the fact is the average Tokyo crow is much smarter that the best civil servant. Crows cackle and caw that they are the true national bird of Japan.

The Birdbrains are not so stupid say scientists
….These birds can use tools,…. showing that even juvenile crows that have never seen any adults using these tools can use them, and use them appropriately….
“It’s remarkable to watch. You can almost see the bird thinking, it’s as if the light comes on above the bird’s brain and it just goes to the jar and whips out the food.”
In Japan, carrion crows have been reported to wait for traffic lights to turn red, then drop walnuts on the road, let cars run over the nuts and then hop back to pick up the cracked nuts after the cars have passed. …
Japanese carrion crows

Of course, Tokyo city government has not yet learned about this new invention called trash cans and dumpsters that might solve the city’s crow problem. As my friend GuyJean says, ” Crows – 1 Japanese – 0.”

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