Groping, Tokyo’s favorite pastime on the trains

Don't grope sign
Japan is reporting a big increase in sex assaults on their hyper-crowded trains. This a “crime wave” is not new as much as women are finally reporting sex assaults after centuries of silence. One annoying aspect of life here is the trite Japanese conversational gambit of always asking me in the first minute after an introduction what my “hobbies” are. For 20 years I have replied that my hobby is being a CHIKAN, a molester (actually molesting is impossible for me to do without falling down on my crutches). Not one women ever gasped or thought I was joking—Yikes!

TOKYO — Women travelling on Tokyo’s packed commuter trains are reporting increasing levels of groping and sexual assault, city police say….. 2,201 such incidents were reported in 2004, the worst level on record and three times the figure for 1996.
About 60 percent of the victims of more serious sexual assaults, which involve the threat of rape and are sometimes carried out by groups of men, were female high school students.…more…
Anti sexual assaults poster
Japan Railways poster: Don’t molest!

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9 thoughts on “Groping, Tokyo’s favorite pastime on the trains”

  1. Via Coco on

    Coco wrote:
    December 02, 2004

    See No Evil

    I caught a molester on train yesterday. Grabbed his right hand, gave
    him full of attitude and yelled because he said “it wasn’t me”….


    ….I asked other passangers to call police. but nobody responded.
    the guy who was standing next to me started pretending to sleep.
    Everybody looked the floor or window.

    I was sad. and upset. I was upset with the molester of course but, I had another anger against other passangers.

    Sometimes I hate living in this country. People igonore pregnant
    woman or old people on public transportation. People don’t make a
    single call for the woman caught a bad guy. …

    Posted by Coco at December 2, 2004 01:58 PM | TrackB

  2. Asahi: Lechers give Saikyo Line worst rap for Tokyo trains
    More gropers and other deviants were caught on East Japan Railway Co.’s
    Saikyo Line last year than any other rail service in the Tokyo area,
    statistics show. The Saikyo Line is notorious for its overcrowding and
    lechers. The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), in its first
    compilation of such offenders on specific commuter train lines in the
    capital area, said the Saikyo Line had the worst record, with 217
    offenders, followed by the JR Chuo Line, with just under 200…The
    Saikyo Line connects Osaki Station in central Tokyo to Omiya Station in
    Saitama Prefecture. The JR Chuo Line runs between central Tokyo and
    residential areas of western Tokyo. “Lines that have schools along them and have relatively long sections between stations have become the targets of gropers,” said a senior MPD official in charge of community safety.

  3. there are much chikan related stuff on the internet. while it is being a social phenomena for the past years (say, since the railway existed, probably) there has been some blocks of how the government would respond to this society phenomena. first is culture, of how woman is discriminated to man. second is also culture, of how sex-life or things we consider taboo in the west, are part of tradition? (please correct me about this) third, japan has became sort of a cros-place for culture, modern-living, in asia. thus many more would see japan as a trend center (also the growing number in bad-moral, otaku, or perverted minded people) forth, is industry. there are a lot (and i say a lot) of chikan or pervert related fans outthere. there has even been a recent game of chikan???

    So, from a historian point of view, this phenomena is likely to remain (or lest increase) along wiht japan economic booming and becoming trend. this is a bad effect of growth without moral education. but, this also would dissapear, for there are a lot of people who oppose such obscene behaviour, certainly the goverment of japan also.

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