Are you gettin’ any? (Japanese Valentine’s “Choco”)

Japanese Girls buying Chocolate
Japanese box of chocolate Valentine’s Day is when men judge their worth by the number of boxes of chocolate aka “choko” they receive at their Japanese workplace.
In the picture at the top, you see see the Japanese “Office Ladies—“OLs” lining up to buy chocolates for their all bosses and male coworkers. Note there are NO men buying anything. However with the continuing bad economy, many OLs will be sneaking out of the giri-choco, that is their “chocolate obligations” so today is the day is the real measure of your worth in a Japanese company:
CHOKO: Are you gettin’ any?

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I'm a pale, alien, quadruped who has worked for 25+ years at "Maybe-the-Largest Inc." in Tokyo.

One thought on “Are you gettin’ any? (Japanese Valentine’s “Choco”)”

  1. Are you “gettin’ any” Taro? What would you like? :-)

    It must be eluding any impartial flogging  and recycle fogging [wink].

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