Shooting the Muon at Mt Assama

YOW! This reads like bad science fiction or Lora Croft. The report of Kanetada Nagamine of the KEK Muon Science Laboratory in Japan covers Muon radiography of an active volcanonic fault. And the rest of the article describes cosmic-ray muon tomography with portable muon detectors placed muon detectors place in tunnels below the base of the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, and “muon flux.” Yowza!
Just the title alone— detecting the unseen with a natural probe — sounds like the Kinki region, doesn’t it? Read more about cosmic insight into Japanese volcanoes, Aztec pyramids, and nuclear contraband HERE.

Muon Opportunists: Detecting The Unseen With Natural Probe
ScienceDaily, March 10, 2005
……….Kanetada Nagamine of the KEK Muon Science Laboratory in Japan, reports on his team’s use of cosmic-ray muons to essentially take X-rays of the interior of volcanoes for hints of their eruption potential. Nagamine and his colleagues exploit the fact that some high-energy muons are traveling almost horizontally when they reach Earth’s surface. By placing multiple muon detectors around a mountain, the scientists can measure its shape and look for interior channels where molten rock may be rising, an early sign of a potential eruption. The research team has studied several volcanoes in Japan, including as assessment of the amount of molten rock within the crater of Mt. Asama … more…

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2 thoughts on “Shooting the Muon at Mt Assama”

  1. Did somebody say, “Japanese volcanoes, Aztec pyramids, and nuclear contraband”?

    Aztec Oh Hell Takochan
    cthuluhu-moon Aztec Oh Hell Takochan

  2. Den4 wrote:
    “Aztec Oh Hell Takochan”

    Errr, umm, it’s a Mayan not an “Aztec Oh Hell Takochan”. Why I know? I was arrested the the top of Kukulkan Pyramid in Chichen Itza for “endangering” myself and others by climbing it on crutches. (Yeah, yeah, I know: Cool story bro.)
    Kukulkan Pyramid in Chichen-Itza —Temple of Kukulkan is also known as “El Castillo”


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