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Japanese Bounty on Babies

Japan Town Will Pay Women Who Have 3rd Kid
TOKYO – How about getting paid 1 million yen for having a baby? To combat a shrinking population, a small town in northern Japan has decided to give a cash award worth about $9,600 to each female resident who has a third child …more…
mizuko at an abortion temple

Gee…a Baby Bounty … Or to think about it another way the title of the AP News story should read:
“Japan Town Will Pay Women 1 Mil. Yen a Good F*ck”.
The problem is one million yen would even go halfway in paying all the related expenses of having an addtional child in Japan. The costs alone to rent/buy an additional room for a child would require an additional one million yen every couple of years. Sheesh, no wonder Japan has more abortion mizuko Jizo at temples as shown in the picture above than fertility shrines.

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2 Responses to “Japanese Bounty on Babies”

  1. (quoted) Says:

    MasaMania dead babys japan
    Abortion is sad thing
    : Abortion is sad thing, but don’t afraid dead baby!

  2. Taro Says:

    Somewhat sanitized “Sadness”?

    Mizuko Jizo at Hasedera in Kamakura all dressed up

    Years ago I took Japanese girl on our first date to Kamakura’s Great Buddha (Daibutsu)*. On the way back from the Big Buddha, I stopped to take a zillion photos and I effused forever about how “cute” the little Jizo at Hasedera Hall were.
    Later I learned from a coworker of hers that she had an abortion five days before. D’oh!
    No second date.

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