Japanese Sex Ed

Retro Kink Happy!
These have gotta be the world’s most cheerful sex education textbooks.
Yes, yes, this sex education website is all in Japanese, but just look at the pictures.: I think you can get the idea.
Alternatively, read this mega-funky machine translation.

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18 thoughts on “Japanese Sex Ed”

  1. On Tue, 15 Mar 2005 1:38:59 PM +0900 (JST)
    dimwit wrote:
    > That has to be one of the most warped sex-ed classes I have ever seen.

    Mrs Taro was flabbergasted when I pointed out that the Black-&-White photos were just current shots from the newspaper. The audio sections of the sex ed are very “cheerful” too.

  2. More educational is hunt down a gr-r-r-reat choice of nondependent escorts in Tokyo & the restoftheworld’s nightclubs.
    東京のeuroの女の子 Sex-science should be fun.. science should be edible.. Find escorts in Tokyo experimental science! Some experiments may be eaten before, during or afterthe experiment, and some should not be eaten at all..

  3. Haha nice pics, I was trying to find some of them, and only things I could find from a korean website was such a shitty ones. Thanks for your web page!

  4. On 7/27/07, scott wrote:
    Japan has one of the lowest teen pregnancy rates in the world.

    Along with Japan’s “REPORTED” low teen pregnancy rate is the Japan has the highest abortion rate. Japan does not count on their official reporting any pregnancy that is aborted.

    Sadly for the promotion of sex education in backward countries (like Texas), Japan’s low teen pregnancy rate has very little relationship with their sex ed programs in schools. The tormenting of teens with cram schools and homework to midnight six days a week leaves the majority of Japanese teens no time for sex until college. Oddly, some Bible-thumping crazy could make an similar argument that Japan’s promotion of sex education results in Japan have perhaps the world’s highest rate for teen prostitution. Also, the immaturity/incompetence/withdrawn/shyness of Japanese young people resulted in the world’s highest rates of 30+ year old virgins.

    Please don’t get me wrong—I strongly support sex education in schools.
    Hell, I’ve taught a human sexuality course in college as a graduate teaching assistant.
    I’m just warning you that the fact that Japan has the lowest teen pregnancy rate in the world is not really a strong argument for the promotion of sex education as you might believe.

  5. I had sex for the first time after a total hyster-ectomy, and he went too deep. I had a sharp pain and some bleeding. I am still spotting and I have alot of pain. Is this normal?

  6. Why are you asking here? We are not Mds and not experienced with hysterectomies. (What a strange type of comment spam!)

  7. As I prayed this morning for the people of Japan, I saw a large group of teens having sex education, lots of them in a gym. I saw this while praying. I remember seeing an article that my boss had received from an email that was so disgusting showing teens having sex with one one another, lots of them! They call it sex education in Japan and normal? Has judgement come to Japan for their abominable ways of this country? Praying for the people of Japan. Came to find this article to find out if this was really true about showing children too much about sexuality. They have been mentally and physically stimulated as children. I wonder about the rate of incest among sibling experiments. Or is that okay too?

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