Japanese Media Forced to Decipher Political Jargon

Prime Minister Tomiichi Murayama
This article of Japanese political jargon missed Japan’s funniest polictical nickname—-the “Mummy Minister” for Japan’s only nominally socialist prime minister, Tomiichi Murayama. The Prime Minister Murayama was a dottering and dried up old fart who was well over eighty years old when he came to the office briefly in 1995. His short-lived administration of was so dead that even Murayama’s name sounded like “Mummy.”

Japanese Media Forced to Decipher Political Jargon
….Metaphorically, prime ministers were labeled by terms that illustrated either their personality or leadership style. Eisaku Sato was the “the waiting politician’ and ‘quick ears Eisaku”; Kakuei Tanaka was a “omputerized bulldozer”; Yasuhiro Nakasone was a “weathervane”; and Keizo Obuchi was termed an “ordinary man” and “cold pizza.”….more…

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