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Criminal construction biz of Japan is “shaky”

crap construction of Japan
Let's slipshod
Here’s your Japanese word of the day, tewonuku—–to cut corners, and slipshod construction is what Japan excels at best. To say that construction of Japan is “shaky” is to say the least of the story. Basically, construction in Japan is a crime. Let’s tewonuku!

Japan’s construction shaky
Japan’s four top general contractors enjoyed revenue growth for the April-December period, but six second-ranking companies are still struggling for survival and their need for greater debt renunciation is putting pressure on Japan’s banking system as a whole and dragging down the speed of the nation’s economic recovery.….more….


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3 Responses to “Criminal construction biz of Japan is “shaky””

  1. Sir Thomas Trollington Says:

    And the world is now falling apart each day because The World Was Made In Japan. (^_-)

  2. Soviet Japan Says:

    In Soviet Japan construction destructs you.

  3. Taro in exile Says:

    Sir Thomas Trollington wrote:
    the world is now falling apart each day

    Your China deconstruction photo looks like 99.9999% of Tokyo to me.

    Embiggen at the Asian-Tube-Video-Blog

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