Japanese rule was “more beneficial” than China’s last half-century

WTF! Was I sleeping the whole time during Asian History 101?
Somebody set me straight on this, ple-e-ease. Did more Chinese die in the Great Leaps than in Nanking and the like, and therefore the Japan colonial period was better?

Defending a radical reappraisal of modern Chinese history
Frank Dikotter is a pioneering historian and friend of Taiwan who has stirred controversy with his books about China

…”The suffering of ordinary people in China endured between 1911 and 1949 was minor compared with what they were to experience after 1949 when 30 to 40 million people died as a result of the Great Leap Forward alone,” Dikotter says….
…As for Taiwan itself, its half-century under Japanese rule was more beneficial than China’s half-century under the Communist Party has been. …

Nanking skulls

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One thought on “Japanese rule was “more beneficial” than China’s last half-century”

  1. Yes, more people died during the Great Leap than Japanese occupation of Nanking. But is Japanese colonial period better? No. Between 20-40 million died during the the 5 years of the “Great Leap Forward”, but of famine, not torture and excution and rape. Also, keep in mind the Nanking massacre took place over 6 weeks in one city alone.

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