In Japan, ‘Drunkenness is next to Godliness”

I’m never surprised by all the news-of-the-weird that’s normal here. Japan exists in its own “Bermuda Triangle” of weirdness. For example, the big “news” here on the Sunday morning week-in-review TV news program is that the Japanese diet needs to find a way to control drunk lawmakers in the Lower House from barfing in the isles and starting brawls. Of course, dunkeness is next to godliness in Japan; that is, the Shinto gods are always getting drunk while handling their duties over Japan.
< --Barrels of sake to liquor up the Shinto gods at Kasuga Taisha shrine, Nara, Japan

Mounting woes and all we get is a drunken slur� –
…A motion has been made to punish 18 lawmakers of both the ruling and opposition parties who last week allegedly turned up drunk to a Lower House plenary session.
Among the offenders named by opposition Minshuto (Democratic Party of Japan) leader Katsuya Okada was none other than Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, who vehemently rebutted Wednesday that he “hadn’t had a drop that day.”
Presently, the nation is faced with a mountain of problems. It is, therefore, rather odd that the issue of drinking had to become the highlight of a verbal duel between the prime minister and the leader of the main opposition party….

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