Species attack! The hydrogen-powered Speecys-FC(tm)

Speecys-FC robot

It’s looks like a junkyard.
It doesn’t do anything but waddle and it costs $24,000 USD. But hot-damn, the “Speecys-FC(tm)” is hydrogen fuel-cell powered! Wo0t!
What makes the junk-bot unique is its multiple reduntancies in its fuel-cells spread among three parts of its body. According to the Japanese vernacular press, the Speecys-FC(tm) runs on a NetBSD operating system and is integregrated into LAN network. The software that comes with it has puppet-like screen interface called the “Motion Editer” that allows simple creation of disco dances, robo-sex positioning or what ever stikes your fancy. My rough translation of the speecys.com Japanese website, “the advanced robot servo, CPUs, open opening system, and the basic application software etc. are all included which allows you to skip the start-up processes of robot development by providing a complete kit for robot development platform.
See the Speecys robot in action at: Demonstration Movie ”Speecys Walking ” (27.367Mbytes, WMV format)

TOKYO— Japanese robotics venture Speecys CEO Tomoaki Kasuga (L) displays the world’s first fueled cell battery powered humanoid robot “Speecys-FC”, at 50cm tall and 4.2kg in weight, equipped with five fuel cell stacks, two on each arms and one on its back for emergency and hydrogen storage alloy on its head…. price of 2.62 million yen (24,000 USD).

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