Japan, the basketcase

Japan in the past 13-years of its so-called “Lost Decade” Japan has frittered away valuable time in vain attempts trying to reactivate its economy after the collapse of the economic bubble in 1992. Japan’s central government and the people as a whole has shown almost perverse willingness to do nothing. They even have a phrase for it: Going from Japan bashing to Japan passing Japan nothing.
Wiki: Japan’s “Bubble Economy”

Japan nothing—How Japanese. ‘MU,’ the nothingness of Zen.

Japan going down the drainby Michael Hoffman for the Japan Times
Can things get much worse for Japan? In 2006, its population will peak, prelude to a sharp decline. In 2007, an unprecedented 3 million workers will retire, shrinking tax revenues and swelling pension rolls. In 2009 the crisis will be educational: the dwindling number of university applicants will match the number of places available. Standards will plunge; no one will be turned away….2009, [Shukan Shincho (June 30)] magazine fears, will see the nation’s universities brought to their knees. It will be “the year of the idiot student.”

The Japan Times Online…[Japanese] hospitals are preparing for the coming revolution in medical care that many anticipate because the current system is unaffordable and saddled with perverse incentives that extend hospital stays (four times longer than in U.S.) and boost drug prescriptions (double those of U.S. patients). The problem is that “health care in Japan centers around doctors, not patients” — meaning long waits, little accountability, poor service, hefty under-the-table payments and patients in the dark about the work history of their doctors and, in many cases, their diagnosis.

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