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Japanese high-tech camping solution for perfect for sleepwalking and bear escape

My Tokyo friend “Mulboyne”" turned me on to this item in the KazuoMoo blog: the Walking-enabled Sleeping Bag”
For all you sleeping bag fans, Japan has the better bag for you! It’s perfect for sleepwalking and bear escape.
The copy of the advertisement roughly reads, “The sleeping bag which is introduced here let’s you walk…. at night, if attacked by a bear, you can standing up and escape, isn’t that tremendous?”
Walking-enabled Sleeping Bag
Actually, extreme mountaineering, the inverse of this product has existed for more than 50 years in the form of down salopettes/trousers. For emergencies, some models of down trousers have a feature that allow zipping the legs together to form a half sleeping bag—–that’s add new meaning to the word “hot pants.” In combination with a extreme-conditions expedition down jacket, a stranded climber can survive a night without a sleeping bag or even a tent.

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6 Responses to “Japanese high-tech camping solution for perfect for sleepwalking and bear escape”

  1. Pet Gaijin Says:

    Meh. I call Prior Art.”

  2. Evil Pongi Says:

    Malarkey! Just another “high-tech” masturbation device.

  3. ShaunSweetin Says:

    Hi superb little post right right right here, was just wondering if i could quote some of it inside a post im accomplishing (I will credit credit you and website link back). Drop me a message if thats not ok. it is possible to quote any of my stuff as prolonged as you hyperlink back again to it :) Also fine template you use the following would you thoughts telling me in which you got it :D. Sorry for my english :)

  4. Taro Says:

    ShaunSweetin wrote:
    …just wondering if i could quote some of it inside a post im accomplishing (I will credit the website link back again below!)…

    You wanna quote my silly camping post? Sure, that’s what the Internet is for.

  5. Kotaku quoted Says:

    In the sort of the same vein of thinking as the escapist bag…

    Japan’s Pastry Beds Are a Dream Come True 8/22/13
    Ever wanted to go to sleep on fluffy bread? Or curl up in creamy sweets? Now you can—sort of!
    Japanese online retailer Felissimo is selling tasty-looking sleeping bags, pillows, and bedding that wouldn’t look out of place in a bakery.

  6. Taro Says:

    Is this ‘wearable futon’ the most useless invention of all time?
    Metro News | Tuesday 30 Sep 2014


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