Get boned in Japan. Buy BONY(tm).

Yes now you can get boned in Japan. Buy BONY(tm) to while away your time on summer vacation.
For only 4,410 yen or about $40 USD, you can have a boner.

BonyTOKYO, JAPAN: …. a papercraft book “Bony” and its completed model of life-size skeleton, 160cm in height and weighing only 250g, at the Yaesu Boom Center. Japan’s medical book publisher Nishimura Shoten published the revised edition of the papercraft book “Bony”…for medical students in 2004 and now [it’s a] smash hit among summer vacationers…

The article about Bony(tm) in the Mail & Guardian Online quoted the publisher’s representative as saying that, “Besides studying human bones, Bony can serve many interesting purposes.”

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