Official Japan 2005 Doraemon Musical Mint Set

Back in mid-July the Japan Mint released Doraemon coin sets to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the serialization of Doraemon, perhaps Japan’s most beloved comic and character who is often referred to as Japan’s Mickey Mouse. Now these Doraemon kiddie items are available for hardcore foreign otaku.

Japan 2005 Doraemon Musical Mint Set — Coin News
Japan’s most popular and well-loved comic book heroes…Doraemon’s appearance on a colorful, musical coin holder containing the official 2005 Japanese Mint Set…$49 per Mint Set from the official North American distributor

Japan 2005 Doraemon Musical Mint Set
Go to Izumi’s article for more about Doraemon
Another little bit of manga history
for you all…
Doraemon, one of the longest-running manga stories (if not the longest) ever debuted in 1970 and 1,344 separate stories were released by author Fujimoto Hiroshi.

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