Human-like Robot Hand Job Done by University of Tokyo

Human-like skin developed for robots
TOKYO– A flexible, electronic skin developed by University of Tokyo researchers may provide robots with a nearly human sense of touch…Someya and colleagues embedded organic transistor-based electronic circuits in a thin plastic film. The circuits, along with organic semiconductors, are capable of sensing pressure, as well as temperature. Someya said the net-like matrix is flexible enough to conform to the surface of an egg and can detect pressure and temperature simultaneously…..

Just think of the marriage of applications of this “human sense of touch” and the Men’s SOM(tm) shown below.
Costing only 35,800 yen, the Men’s SOM(tm) could use to have what the Japanese love to call in engrish, a “version up” (バージョンアップ).
Robot skin Men's SOM
Accpording to Reuters the Someya Group’s paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences said their, “artificial skin might even be tweaked to outperform human skin.” Oh yah baby, tweak me.

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