Now Japanese shit doesn’t stink

unchikun hawaii
Smell be gone
Honolulu—A product used to keep the animals safe and “stink-free” at the Hilton Hawaiian Village could also provide relief to leeward residents living near the Waimanalo Gulch landfill….
…The penguin pond and other animal exhibits are sprayed with a natural solution called EM, which stands for ‘effective microorganisms.’ …the product been effective in landfills all around the world.”It’s already a proven technology in…Japan…” says Hiromichi Nago, company spokesman….

EMCO collage
Often I have to wonder about the Japanese love of poop or as Salon magazine best put it in their seminal report, “Poo Rules!’ On the other hand, this “EM” anti-stick product seems almost sacrilegious here in the land of the Unchikun and buildings like the Great Golden Turd of Tokyo shown in the pictures here. Amazingly, you can even drink the anti-stink EM products in the form of tea and wine. Yikes! Talk about Japanese shit not stinking.
Visit the EM Corporation’s website in English or Japanese.

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