Japan is the perfect robot nation

ASIAN POP Robot Nation / Why Japan, and not America, is likely to be the world’s first cyborg society
“There’s already a labor shortage in nursing and care for the elderly. Most elderly Japanese would rather be attended to by a robot than [foreign] nurse” — largely because the cultural norms in Japan are more complex and exacting than in other countries…
…All of these things make human-seeming androids a perfect fit for many service roles in Japan’s etiquette-driven society….

“Robotic” is the best way to describe Japanese language and social interactions so I can see robo-salarymen as the perfect extention of that lifestyle. The above artical has many hilarious extrapolations such as Japan’s “Shinto” religion drives robotics here (Hint: Shinto doesn’t drive anything in anti-religious Japan—even Shinto priests doen’t believe in it). The driving force of the Japan’s lust for robots is their love manga, toys and anime which in turns hastens the lower birth rate since otaku don’t breed. Oh, xenophobia like banning foreign nurses assures continued population problems in their “aging society.”

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2 thoughts on “Japan is the perfect robot nation”

  1. Here’s a perfect care giver…according to Japanese tech ideals.

  2. What.are.these.fu n | l o √ e |emotions.you.human.speak.of¿?   Does.not.compute.

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