Japan is in the market to buy a small equatorial country

gunship island, 軍艦島
Japan May Build Launch Pad Overseas
TOKYO: ….the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, urged the government to consider sites such as Christmas Island in the Pacific archipelago of Kiribati…Japan’s current space center, on the southern island of Tanegashima, lags behind sites used by U.S. and European space agencies because its launching period is limited by local fishing seasons and the center’s small capacity….more….

The idea here is that launch from a place near the Earth’s equator will give rockets an extra lift because the rotation of the earth will add to the vector speed to greatest at the equator. Kool but basically, Japan is just trying to buy votes in UN and International Whaling Commission by tossing this bone to the Kiribati Islanders.

The photo of the typically Japan-improved island is Nagashi’s Hashima island “Gunkanjima” (gunship island, 軍艦島) named because it looks like a warship.
For more “Gunkanjima” information and Japan’s love of nature and their fellow man, visit:
Gunship Island photo essay
—Kurt Easterwood’s: Gunkanshima and ruined lives
HASHIMA: THE GHOST ISLAND by Brian Burke-Gaffney

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