“T-shirt, go free, go fun” in Tokyo

Hey kids, win a free trip to Tokyo and career in fashion!

Design your very own “T-shirt, go free, go fun”.
Grand Prix: 1 winner Awarded to the design inspired by the most creative and unconfined ideas.
– Cash award of 1,000,000yen. – “Artist Support” equivalent of 2,000,000yen – Winning design merchandized as UNIQLO T-shirt
…. the candidates will be invited to the Award Ceremony to be held in Tokyo.

The Uniqlo Creative Award 2006 is an open international design contest for t-shirts. Judging from last year’s winning designs pictured above, Uniqlo could use some more talent.
By the way, Uniqlo is Japan’s retail chain of current el-cheapo fashion—Japan’s version of the GAP—this contest puts it’s winner in the big-time.

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