The ultimate Japanese disguise ‘Instantaneous Vending-Machine Skirt’

Docteur G offers this “urban camouflage”….

Instantaneous Vending-Machine Skirtbuddha's trick
Instantaneous Vending-Machine Skirt– “Anytime and it hides anywhere”

“Instantaneous Vending-Machine Skirt” is an student work from the university days of the artist Aya Tsukioka.
On her website she says that she won “joy” and the grand prix prize at the 22nd S.I.C.F exhibition (2001)at the prestigious SPIRAL GALLERY in Harajuku Tokyo.

Aya Tsukioka is from my hometown Matsuyama City, Ehime prefecture Shikoku Japan who made good or at least had her 15 minutes of fame.
Gee, it must be nice for her to able to pay 2 zillion yen to gallery to show her works and hire “campaign girls” to hype it as well as her website,
campaign girls more

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