Naked sushi on men, just desserts.


Chinese women’s magazine renews controversy with naked man meal
A women’s magazine in southwestern China has shot tapes of a two-hour feast served on a naked man’s body in response to a flap last year over a Japanese restaurant in China that served sushi on women’s bodies, the event organizer said Monday....more…

Twinks Nyotaimori! —Sushi served on a naked body!
Actually that Japanese word, “nyotaimori” (女体盛り) doesn’t work for this since “nyo” (女) means woman [“tai” – body and “mori” serving/arrangement].
Still, it is just desserts.

For reference:
See Wikipedia on “Nyotaimori.”
CSI sushi
Nyotaimori/naked sushi on CSI: Kabukicho on the CBS episode, entitled “Grand Master.”

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