‘Pneumatic Man’ robot suit

Muscle Suit
Suitably musclebound
Tokyo — Sho Hasegawa, a student at the Tokyo University of Science, wears a Muscle Suit … which supports the muscle movements of the elderly or disabled. By controlling air compression, it can help bend and stretch arms, and twist elbows both inward and outward….

Hey, don’t laugh. The lack of a full metal frame for this pneumatic robot suit makes it great deal lighter. In addition, this pneumatic system does not have any heavy electric actuators or hydraulics either. The way it works is that pairs of “muscle” tubes inflate, the suit bulges, which pulls in the attachment points —- This force shortens the artificial muscle and voila, “muscle” power.

These suits are were shown at the Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition 2005 that has gone on in Tokyo this week. You can visit the engrish website for this 32nd international exhibition here.

UPDATE: Be sure to check out my latest report: Robo Suitjacket Vs. Pneumatic Man.

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  1. Yeh, it doesn’t look very practical. But hey, at least they are trying to think-out-of-the-box.

  2. Okay, what else is there to offer along with a lot of remarks becoming totally off the topic?
    Is this actually a particularly good A.D.H.D. dorkyDiscussion board?

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