“Robo Cafe” in Osaka

Robo Cafe in Osaka
OSAKA, JAPAN: Humanoid robots “nuvo” dance on a table while cleaner robot “Rumba” vacuums off dust on the table during a preview of the world’s first “Robo Cafe” in Osaka …. Visitors can have light meals including alcohol and enjoy playing with robots at the cafe which will open 11 October.

“Robo Cafe” is where robots can play with drunk men and women.

Still I’d go the to Robo Cafe if it was in Tokyo. It would be 100,000 times more cost effective than buying one of these toy robots. I have learned that entertainment robots aren’t any fun after the first 20 minutes. From fooling around with an Aibo at work, I’ve noticed that even the engineers preferred playing around a homemade cardboard Aibo better than the “real” Aibo robot. The fake cardboard Aibo had a lot more character. Consuming alcohol with giggling tipsy Japanese girls would greatly enhance the robots’ entertainment value.
Oddly “Robo Cafe” in Osaka has nothing to do with the Japanese website “Robocafe.com” which has been running robotically without many human posts since 2000.

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  1. Robot stores marching ahead in Osaka
    The Yomiuri Shimbun, May. 8, 2006
    Popular demand has prompted two Osaka robot specialty shops to expand and upgrade their stock, suggesting that the city’s efforts to boost the local economy through the robot industry might be paying off.
    One of the shops, Robo Cafe in Nishi Ward, allows patrons to use and play with the robots in the store. It was reopened on April 29 after renovations.
    Prior to its reopening, the shop displayed about 450 types of robots, such as tin toys, pet robots, and fighter robots in its 60-square-meter showroom.
    In response to customer requests, it removed dining tables from the cafe section of the shop and increased the types of robots on display to about 650. ....more...

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