Dr. NakaMats of Japan wins a Nobel Prize!

The inventor of “Flying Shoes” (shown below) and “Love Jet” herbal viagra for all….that wonderous old crank, Dr. Nakamats wins the Ig Nobel Prize!
Dr Nakamats

Penguins under pressure win Ig Nobel for physicists
—Spoof prizes handed out in 10 research areas–Artificial dog testicles win prize for medicine—
Ever wondered how far a penguin can fire waste from its anus? Or whether humans can swim faster in water or in sugar syrup? Perhaps even what frogs smell like when they are stressed?
Answers to these burning questions were among the 10 areas of work celebrated at the Ig Nobel prizes at Harvard University last night. The awards, a spoof on the Nobel prizes announced earlier this week, are given for research which “cannot or should not be reproduced”….
The winners…Nutrition: Yoshiro Nakamats of Tokyo for photographing and then analysing every meal he has eaten over 34 years.

Dr NakaMats (aka Nakamatsu has “an invention for every occasion” and he has a special “information kit” he’s willing to sell you. Over the years, Dr. NakaMats has run for most every public office in Japan —-to increase the sales of of his “Brain Powers(tm)” kits—his only profit making “invention” for decades.

Dr. NakaMats’ blinking-strobe eyes in his 10×20 meter portrait billboard facing the Shuto Expressway near Ark Hills Tokyo always brings a smile to my face. Another big laugh is that NakaMats is running once again this year The 19th World Genius Convention 2005 to bring “your genius talent, inventions, new products, and ideas…. hot new ideas and inventions to estimated 3,600,000 audiences.” His “estimated 3,600,000 audiences” is actually the number of people that pass through Tokyo Station within sight of the building where his “Genius Convention” will be held.

This little fib of Dr. NakaMats about “3,600,000 audiences” is nothing compared to his claim-to-fame whopper. He claims to have invented the floppy disk. Here’s the rest of the story….
What Dr. NakaMats invented was an analog phonograph record of wood veneer held in a paper sleeve that could be read poorly by light sensors. That’s it.

IBM has always owned the patent for the floppy disk but IBM had to agree to a number of computer-related patents when Dr. Nakamatsu made wild claims in the 1970s.

Dr. NakaMats filed a floppy disk patent claim in JAPAN only because IBM Japan farked up and forgot. Both IBM and Dictaphone companies had floppy-like disks many years before the good Dr. NakaMats. As part of the patent settlement, IBM had to pay off old NakaMats just token amount of yen and agree to never publicly contradict Dr Fraud’s claim (since Dr. NakaMats’ ONLY real money maker is selling fraudulent “creativity” self-help kits).

Many people have really get suckered on that floppy disk claim just like Nakamatsu’s assertion that he “invented” the fuel cell. Read between the lines in this IBM interview that was aired a few years ago on ABC News.

Via ABC News’ “The Wolf Files”With the floppy now standing as one of the century’s great contributions, IBM claims its scientists invented the disk in the late 1960s using in-house technology.
Inventor Soaks His Head Big Blue admitted in the past that it has licensing agreements with the doctor but downplayed his contributions. Now, spokeswoman Laura Croker says the company line is “No comment” on Dr. NakaMatsu’s claim. “I signed a non-disclosure agreement,” says NakaMats. “I can’t talk about it. But I invented it.”

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9 thoughts on “Dr. NakaMats of Japan wins a Nobel Prize!”

  1. Yikes! I just I just noticed the crazy Doctor is also claiming to have “invented” the fax machine. That would make him about 100 years old if not older. The Doctor looks good for his age, ha, ha.

    Fax facts:
    Facsimile transmission over wires or faxing was invented by Alexander Bain, a Scottish mechanic who in 1843 received the first patent.
    One of the first practical faxes was the “Belinographe” created by Edouard Belin in 1907-1912.
    In 1924, AT&T marketed the telephotography machine which used by all the press services like Reuters and UPI.

    Hell, a decade BEFORE Dr Nakamats filed his fraudulent Japanese fax patent in the mid-1960s, I used my father’s architectural fax machine (the size of washing machine) to send a homemade Valentine from my Dad’s Paris office to my mom in Chicago.

  2. UPDATE:
    Dr NakaMatsu has gone into hiding and is stopped answering public requests recently. His website does not seem to updated and as far as “any contact info” for Dr NakaMats (ドクター中松 ) goes…nothing. He is VERY old (79) , and doesn’t get out much. You need to physically go down to his building, the “Dr. NakaMats World University” or his house, ha, ha.

    Alternatively, you could just ask the guys at PingMag who just did this report last October: Twilight Zone: Dr. NakaMats’ inventions

    PingMag did a good job but did not have the balls to report that the Doctor is vicious fraud who robs mentally defficiant customers to pay for his self-help programs—just like Scientology, only more expensive.

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    drNakaMats song!

    YouTube: Adam and Joe go Toyko: Dr NakaMats

    His daughter, Kaori Nakamats, might be an interesting angle…


    Wiki Japan: Dr Nakamats
    本人は著作などでフロッピーディスクの発明者と主張しているが、正しくは、「レコ ードジャケットに穴を開けてそのまま使えるようにする」 という「ナカビゾン」なる特許をフロッピーディスクの開発者であるIBMが自社の特許に抵触せぬよ・ 、契約を結んだだけである。契約がされた時点で既にフ・ 鴻bピーディスクは開発済みであり、中松の特許がフロッピーディスク開発に影響したとは考えにくい[3]。ちなみに、ドクター中松ブランドのフロッピーディスクなるものも販売されている。

    Wiki English “Floppy Disk”
    A Japanese inventor, Yoshiro Nakamatsu (aka Dr. NakaMats), claims he independently came up with the floppy disk principle back in 1950, and that he obtained a sales license from IBM when they started manufacturing their floppy disk systems.[citation needed] There is no independent evidence to support Dr. Nakamatsu’s assertions nor is any floppy license known to exist by then contemporaneous IBM management or inventors.

  3. Hey Taro! I found this lawsuit showing Dr NakaMats’ true nature as actual patent troll that he is.

    The Tokyo High Court Overrules Trademark Non-Use Cancellation Decision

    SOEI VOICE INTERNATIONAL Vol.1 No.1 February 2004
    by Yoko Sakuma

    Dr.Yoshiro Nakamatsu, known as the inventor of the floppy disk, the CD, the digital watch, and more than 3000 other inventions, has won his appeal against the cancellation trial decision to cancel his mark “GANBARE NIPPON (Hang on! Japan)” on grounds of non-use.

    Dr. Nakamatsu registered the mark “ (FORZA JAPAN/GANBARE NIPPON)”

    for printed matter in 1997. In 2000, the Japan Olympic Committee (JOC), who has been using the slogan “GANBARE NIPPON” for Olympic campaigns since 1979, filed a cancellation trial against Dr. Nakamatsu’s registered trademark on the grounds of non-use. In June this year, the JPO decided in favor of the JOC, but Dr. Nakamatsu appealed the decision to the Tokyo High Court, and the High Court overruled the JPO in October.

    As readers know, if a registered trademark is not in use in Japan for three consecutive years without good cause, the mark is liable to cancellation. Use by a licensee (either exclusive or non-exclusive) is also considered to be “use” of a registered trademark. In this case, the trial examiners as well as the Tokyo High Court found that the mark was used as a title of Dr. Nakamatsu’s monthly bulletin. The point at issue was who used the mark, since the bulletin indicated that the publisher was “GANBARE NIPPON,” not Dr. Nakamatsu himself. The trial examiners determined that the publisher was neither the trademark owner nor his licensee, resulting in the cancellation of the registration. On the other hand, the Tokyo High Court found that the bulletin was published by the plaintiff himself or someone acting on his behalf, because, among other topics, the contents of the bulletin were mainly devoted to Dr. Nakamatsu’s ideology, beliefs, and introductions to his invention.

    According to some sources, Dr. Nakamatsu feels that the use of the phrase “GANBARE NIPPON” by the JOC could infringe his trademark right, and that he might need to take legal proceedings against the JOC, asking for compensation for the “damage” caused by the JOC’s “GANBARE NIPPON” Olympic campaigns, which have gathered a considerable amount in contributions.

    Things could get nasty, but let’s hope that the parties show the spirit of fair play in this game.

  4. Hey, hey, hey…This was what i was searching for. Kool!

    Book-marked! :))

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