Japan wants to implant your lizard!

Japan to require microchips for ‘dangerous’ animals
TOKYO: ….owners of potentially dangerous animals, such as crocodiles and pythons, to have microchips implanted in their pets in case the animals get loose…The move follows a recent wave of incidents around the nation in which animals such as pythons, crocodiles and giant salamanders have been found wandering loose, frequently on the streets of densely populated cities…more…

RFID, the true Mark of the Beast 666(tm)
Japan has been mulling over implanted all their school kids with chips for some time now….so impanting lizards etc sounds like a trial balloon for using radio frequency identification (RFID) tags.


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One thought on “Japan wants to implant your lizard!”

  1. This is So Freaky.

    “It is the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. No one can do business without the Mark of the Beast [666]. This chip is imbedded in the palm and is a human ATM card. It holds all the bearers’ assets and all trades must go through it.”

    –blog: Adventures of Suzy Colorado

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