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Suzumo Unveils 2000 Wrapped Pieces per Hour Sushi Robot
Tokyo (JCN) Oct 12, 2005—- Suzumo Machinery Co., Ltd. announced on October 12 that it would release SGP-SNA, the miniature robot capable of making 2000 wrapped sushi in an hour … retail price is 3.2 million yen…more…

Damn, who is gonna eat 2,ooo pieces of sushi in one hour? It’s not like sushi has a long shelf-life, hee, hee.*

I’m sorry about that sushi robot picture. As always in Japan, this PR release and the company website fails to include detailed information or a picture of their new product. Sheesh. Lucky for the 3Yen news that my friend Vince at provided an “exclusive video” hee, hee.

For pictures and few video of the older sushi bots, visit the Suzuno website.

*These high-volume sushi robots are for making sushi for 7-11 type convenience stores that sell that do sell such volumes of sushi here in Japan. Sushi in Japanese convenience stores has a 6-hour maximum shelf-life.

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