World’s tallest demolition machine from Japan

world's tallest demolition machine
Kobelco says it developed ‘world’s tallest’ demolition machine
TOKYO, Japan–Kobelco Construction Machinery Co. has ,,, the world’s tallest demolition machine with an arm able to reach a point 65 meters above the base. Kobelco said it has applied for the machine to be registered in the Guinness Book of World Records…

The demolition machine does not look all that big until you see the comparison with a Kobelco employee and the just the claw of it. Yikes!

However, I would have figured that the world’s tallest demolition machine is the terror known as MechaGodzilla.

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3 thoughts on “World’s tallest demolition machine from Japan”

  1. Boing Boing loves your column on 3Yen, but they are just ashamed to admit it I guess. ;)

    Did you Taro make the image? (The one on Kyodo News and Geisha Asobi is only part of it.)

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