“Jaws” VS Kawasaki’s slime….

“Jaws” VS Kawasaki’s slime….No contest.

great white shark
Great white shark found floating in Kawasaki canal
A 4.8-meter-long great white shark was found floating in a canal here Wednesday morning… around 10 a.m., a factory worker found the shark floating in the Chidori Canal near his workplace in the Yako district….

Perhaps the Japanese Police Agency ought to look for help from Toxic Avenger (悪魔の毒々モンスター) .
Toxic Avenger

Actually, Kawasaki —just south to Tokyo— is no longer one on the most foul and toxic places on the planet. With the hollowing out of Japanese industry, Kawasaki as become clean enough for great white sharks to become lost. However, “clean” is a relative word: I would not dare to put my big toe in the water of Kawasaki and it’s still the sleaziest part of greater Tokyo in terms of sex clubs and drinking dives.

3Yen UPDATE, Feb 7, 2007: Done in by Tokyo Sea DEATH Park (rare goblin shark captured in Tokyo Bay)

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