Minibike gang robs a cop in Osaka

Gang riding minibikes attacks cop in Osaka

Gang riding minibikes attacks cop in Osaka rampage
A gang of young men with dyed hair and riding on minibikes unleashed three muggings in short succession Sunday, including one attack on an off-duty police officer… the group rode up behind the officer as he rode his bicycle home in the early hours of Sunday morning …punching him in the face and stomach and stealing the 7,000 yen in cash he had in his wallet.

Killer Klowns on minibikes rob Osaka cop!
As I just mentioned earlier today in “Japanese cops sleep through a smash-and-grab heist”, Japanese police are incapable of protecting anything…in this case not even themselves. Japanese “bosozoku” scooter boys under the age of 25 years need a gang of at least ten clowns to do anything. The police never bother the bosozoku and in this case they even got robbed by a gang of kiddie clowns on 50cc minibikes.

Read more about the clown pose’ here in the Wikipedia: Bosozoku (暴走族) literally “speeding tribe”…

Added note:
You might think the the off-duty cop should have just shot one of the gang in the leg and that would have been the end of the mugging. However, off-duty police in Japan do not carry guns normally. Cop guns and ammo are held in the station–the cops don’t own their guns, their station does. There is an “honorable bullet count and gun inventory” at the beginning and end of every shift—Gr-r-reat theater. Woe, the rookie who loses a bullet. A simple spent round in the line of duty, involves DAYS of paperwork.

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