Foreign reporter arrested for violent asault on a signboard

Japan Times reporter arrested for attacking bar owner
FUJISAWA, Kanagawa, Japan —A Japan Times reporter has been arrested for attacking a bar owner in a drunken spree early Wednesday, police said….30-year-old British national, was refused entry to the bar near JR Fujisawa Station and kicked the bar’s signboard at about 4 a.m…

I haven’t met this guy even though I used to work near his home in Fujizawa and used to hang out at all the toxic Shonan beaches that he does. I cannot how many countless times I done the same “crime” as his—kicking an illegal sign obstructing a walkway and then abusing the the shop’s owner while being a bit tipsy: Countless.

If a moron bar owner tried to prevent me from entering a bar because I was a foreigner, most likely I’d just walk away. However, I can understand his kicking the bar sign in anger and yelling at the bar owner.

They should pin a medal on him, not arrest him.
prevent me from entering a bar because I was a foreigner

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9 thoughts on “Foreign reporter arrested for violent asault on a signboard”

  1. I’m guessing it’s this very behavior that has bar owners refusing service and entry… unless of course, they’re just plain bigots.

  2. Well ” Segata San” nobody will ever know the “truth.”

    The gaijin kicked the illegally-blocking-the-walkway signboard saying “No Aliens” and then got into a shouting match with the owner. Somebody pushed somebody, and that’s the big “crime.”

    The racist bar owner had it coming, but this all happened at 4am so the gaijin must have been drunk and abusive by then.

  3. He is my brother and I can safely say that he has never hit anyone in his life. Unless you take into account the fact that when he was 6 he pushed my other brother into a wall and split his head open (6 stitches no less). He was simply eager to hold his 2 year old sisters hand, my other brother simply got into an innocent mans way. The same goes for that racist numpty who put my bro in the clink for 10 days. Nuff said.

  4. Dear Rachel,

    It’s gr-r-reat to hear from you. There was no follow-up in the press about this but your “bro in the clink for 10 days” sounds harsh for treatment (but typical to what happens to a foreigner here). The Japanese police are allowed to torture “suspects” for 21 days (if not longer) before officially charging them a crime. I’m glad your brother finally got out, hopefully in one piece. What happened to your brother afterwards?


  5. Well this “story” has had an odd twist:

    Somehow, a reporter in Japan who is originally from the UK, has become “proof” of the American Press is violent/insane/dangerous by some chickshit Iowan Chicken Hawk, sheesh.

    iowahawk: Bylines of Brutality.

    ….motorists and pedestrians remain at risk from alcoholic media professionals is still a matter of scientific conjecture, but one thing is certain: journalists can be even more deadly outside their cars. Often the journalistic gateway to violent behavior begins with stalking and trespassing — such as has been alleged of People magazine reporters Jeffrey Neal Weiss, and, in an unrelated incident, Don Sider. But sometimes, as in the case of MSNBC host Keith Olbermann, serial stalking behavior goes unpunished and the perpetrators go on to seek more serious thrill-crimes. Journalists recently charged with violent offenses include New York Times reporter and alleged batterer Michael Katz, British reporter...more

    iowan chickenhawk Bylines of the Banal
    Fair use – Parody

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