Lay a log for a Japanese dog’s Yule

Christmas cake for dogs TOKYO, JAPAN: Keiko Masukawa holds a three-year-old dachshund Hana next to a Christmas cake for dogs at Tokyo’s Takashimaya department store… Takashimaya will sell the 18cm long “bush de noel” cake for dogs, priced at 3,885 yen ($33.50 USD)…

This lady lays a log — a “bush de noel” — for a dog. That is, now Japan has Christmas cake for their dog.
Yep, this “Bush” for dogs is the perfect Christmas gift for your hairy child.

Japanese have a long proud history of serving Christmas cake on Christmas for their children often as desert for “traditional” dinner consisting of bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. The sexist joke about Japanese Christmas cake is that nobody wants it after December 26th and likewise a woman approaching the age of twenty-five will get very nervous about being a “Christmas cake.” The old Japanese slang term for a girl past her prime was Christmas cake, although nowadays the expiry-date of Japanese women nowadays is well past 30 years old, if ever.

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