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Robo Bojutsu Badass

humanoid robot 'HRP-2 Promet' of Kawada Industries
Robots on Yahoo! : A humanoid robot ‘HRP-2 Promet’ of Kawada Industries performs a martial art during a demonstration at the 2005 International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo November 30, 2005.

Actually, I cannot tell from the photo whether this is the martial art bojutsu (the Art of the Staff) or the rarer Bonote (the ‘Art the Stick’) and I doubt that the reporter would understand or make the differentiation a fighting technique and a ritual. Bojutsu (棒術) is where Japanese kendo came from, but bonote is a stylized form, like a ritualistic dance. Bonote is part entertainment and part religious ceremony to frighten away evil spirits.

Anyway, visit Kawada Industries’s official website to read the specs and overview of humanoid robot ‘HRP-2 Promet’. Then go an see several videos ‘HRP-2 Promet’ opening a can of whoopass.


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3 Responses to “Robo Bojutsu Badass”

  1. Roomba Says:

    any one have a video of this robot in action? still are cool but a video of this robot would be great.

  2. taro Says:

    This story lost most of its video links but there are a few poor video clips here:

    Also here’s an undate:

    Scientists Introduce HRP-2 Prome Errand-bot

    DailyTech – Chicago, IL, USA

    Promet is a rudimentary,
    upright bipedal capable of handling small tasks….Isao Hara, senior researcher at the institute in Japan’s
    technology hub …

  3. RoboRumbaRoomba Says:

    You must be robo-reading my thoughts! You seem to know a lot about lame Japanese-bots, like you wrote the e book about it or something. I believe that you simply could do with a few statistics to drive you anti-robot message home a bit, however other than that, this is fuckingfantastic blog.

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