Tis the season to get laid

Christmas romance in Japan

Christmas Eve spells romance for couples in Japan
TOKYO: ….Magazines aimed at the young and in love are filled with advice on the best places to stroll down streets illuminated with stunning displays of Christmas lights, the best restaurants for a cosy dinner for two — and the best hotels for a romantic night.
Tokyo Tower, a popular dating spot, is lighting up a heart-shaped illumination on its observation deck every night until Christmas. Some believe that couples who stand under the tower when the lights go on must vow eternal love…..
Nearby, the new Tokyo Prince Hotel Park Tower has two specially decorated Christmas suites on offer for 2 million yen ($16,660) a night, fancy dinner included.…more…

The Japanese reporter of this article, Takanori Isshiki, is glossing over the main purpose of Japanese Christmas—to get laid. The hotel suites being booked are for Christmas sex. A big shame for any young single girl or guy is not having a Christmas “date” arranged by November. An acceptence of a date on Christmas Eve is an acceptance of the hotel room finale—it’s a given. A Japanese guy takes the girl out for Christmas Eve, gives her a jewlery present, they eat and drink together, and they have sex. Done deal. That’s the Japanese “social contract.”

See this newspaper story, “Sex and Chicken Make Christmas in Japan.”

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