Japanese farting wife survey

Does your wife do this too?
The Trivia no Izumi (Fount/Spring of Trivia) outdid itself tonight, with a survey to find out when people who had been married for three years first heard their wife pass gas! They interviewed 1000 Japanese husbands…almost half the wives (43%) couldn’t keep it in for more than a year. 29% first let rip in the second year, 16% avoided a bottom burp until their third year, and 12% of husbands have been spared their wives’ anal emissions.…more…

Hey, something stinks here.
I think a lot of folks were fibbing on this survey.
Of course. hey (屁 or へ) in Japanese means fart. And that leads me to one of my favorite Japanese sayings: Hewohitteshiritsubome — There’s no point squeezing your buttocks after you have farted (no use shutting the barn door after the horses have run out) {屁をひって尻窄め, [へをひってしりつぼめ}.

The image above is thanks to the Japanese website, The Farts which has games, sounds and more available in this flatus theme.

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5 thoughts on “Japanese farting wife survey”

  1. I read the article first and later looked at the author name.Why am I not surprised as to the identity of the author?

  2. yining: Kool. Thanks. I hardly ever get fanmail!

    Nullpointer: “Yasumoto-Nicolson” is just a sign of foreigner trying to be Japanese (lots-of-luck, ha, ha).

  3. Thanks for finally writing the truth about Japanese farting wives. Loved it!

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