Facial recognition for masked Japanese

My Japan friend “Homesweethome” gave me a heads-up on this fanciful Japanese government plan to do facial scanning of all rail passengers….

Rail passengers to be scanned / Ministry plans facial recognition system to detect terrorist suspects
Yomiuri — 2006/JAN/14 ….Japan’s antiterrorism measures for railways, such as a facial recognition system, drew plenty of attention. The Construction and Transport Ministry currently is studying the introduction of a new biometrics system that can identify terrorist suspects in station crowds…. The facial recognition system can see through disguises involving spectacles or wigs, for example. The precision of the system has been greatly improved and it can even tell apart identical twins, according to the manufacturer….

This super-duper facial recognition system may be able to, “see through disguises involving spectacles or wigs” but how is the system in germ-mask wearing Japan going to work during the winter flu season and the spring-summer hayfever season? For more than half the year Japanese wear face masks as I previously reported in the news.3Yen.com in Nanoblock(tm) and in Get well soon mask. Then there’s the volume of people passing through train stations—Tokyo’s Shinjuku station has more than 800,000 persons pass through its 286 exits at average walking speed of 5.9 mph (9.5 kph). Yikes! How many super computers will it take to handle the computing volume of facial recognitions in just Shinjuku alone?
Combine the traditional Japanese germ mask with a hoodie and voila… The Teddy Kaczynski(tm),
Teddy Kaczynski mask

The Japanese sure do love their germ masks. Here are some fun germ masks worn by Japanese people —previously covered my reports here on the 3yen.com:
Domo-kun maskMasked flu-fighting – Japanese Nanoblock(tm)
Get well soon maskGet well soon mask

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