Hello Kitty Barf Bags(tm)

Via my friend “Mulboyne” ….
EVA Air introduced the Hello Kitty aircraft

Hello Kitty crosses Taiwan Strait
Asia Times: …Intending to promote “creativity and innovation”, EVA Air introduced the Hello Kitty aircraft last year after two years of negotiation with Sanrio. The aircraft now operates daily between Taipei and Fukuoka, Japan. The Hello Kitty theme is pursued with mind-boggling thoroughness: the airline issues pink Hello Kitty boarding passes and luggage tags to passengers, and serves Hello Kitty meals and Hello Kitty duty-free shopping. Even the airsickness bags are Hello Kitty-themed (bidding starts at US$9.99 on eBay)…more…

WOT!? Hello Kitty Barf Bags(tm).
How could I missed that story?
Well as the Bible says, “Seek, and ye shall find…
HELLO-KITTY-Sickness-Barf-Bag—Ebay, $9.99

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