Singing Japanese fairies from the Godzilla movie Mothra

Matching Japanese Doll WomenMatching Japanese Doll Women
WFUMU’s radio blog…Japanese fairies from the Godzilla movie Mothra… were The Peanuts, and their appearance in three Godzilla movies launched hugely successful singing careers. Here’s an MP3 (3.1MB) of The Peanuts serenading Mothra…more…

Matching Japanese Doll Women

Just to refresh your memory, the 1961 film Mothra has a plot that hinges on the perfect Japanese logic:
“Japanese scientists who recognize the simple truth of the situation: Mothra cannot be stopped because her will is purer than ours, thus her intent is clearer, thus the sensible thing to do is to return the singing girls for the volcanic rite.”
Yeah, volcanic rites! I looove it!
Japanese pop act, the Peanuts
As explained in the WFMU blog, “the Peanuts both represent an archetype of Japanese pop music – twin female singers who sing, act, talk and dance in unison.” However, unlike 99% of Japanese pop acts, the Peanuts can actually sing. Later as the “The Doopees” the Peanuts put out some novelty material with Yann Tomita’s.
Listen to Doopee Time (MP3 music file, 3.5MB) staring the Peanuts which is great fun as well as the entire album of experimental dada craziness.

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