Gender-free Japan?

dolls with sex organs‘Gender-free’ hard to define, harder to sell
The Japan Times:…According to the LDP’s Web site, schools have had fifth-graders of both sexes share the same sleeping quarters on trips and conducted sex education classes using dolls with sex organs, drawing complaints for being too radical. The Tokyo government also claimed teachers had male and female students undergo medical checkups together...more...

Gender-free in Japanese—Gender free in Katakana

Following today’s theme of The ultimate Japanese love doll, let me present yet another Japanese-engrish misnomer, “gender free”. All that is meant by Japanese “gender free” is some semblance of equality—but even this has resulted in hysterical gender-free protests. For example, the Adachi Liberal-&-Democratic policy website (in Japanese) uses these silly rag dolls as example of the “horrors of radical sex education” and its “technique like brainwashing.” The fact is in Japan, nudity is normal—families bath together. Those rag dolls aren’t in the least shocking compared to a lot of what’s shown Japanese TV. Basically, the real issue is the perceived loss of power by men because of ‘gender free” education efforts.

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