The ultimate Japanese love doll

Via the always charming megababe of Tokyo blogging,Mari Kanazawa:“….Koharu san will give you super virtual simulation. “
Yes, Granny Koharu is the ultimate Japanese love doll for only 504,000 yen ($4,300 USD)

Koharu sanKoharu anus flight practice
Machine translated version of “…of course picking out of the anus flight practice is possible.”

The nursing school practice dummy, Granny Koharu, is not the first time that I have covered fun love dolls here. The report that has had the most hits of any story published here is, Japanese Sex Ed.”

Be sure not the miss the other “doll” reports of the such as:
“Si-chan” a real doll from Japan
Anime. Bukkake. Dolls.

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3 thoughts on “The ultimate Japanese love doll”

  1. Italy’s first sex doll brothel was shut down just nine days after opening amid fears dolls were not cleaned properly after each use, eeew.

    I say…
    Just use them until they’re full like they did it back in the Wild West days.

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